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image: gold with Poland invitium Freshcore One Day Cup 6v6
image: gold with Poland invitium Vester Cup 6v6
image: silver with Poland some1s Force Gaming.cup 6v6 #2
image: silver with Poland invitium Result-Cup
image: bronze with Poland some1s ESL ET 3on3 Winter Instant Cup No.2
image: silver with Polandinvitium
image: gold with Poland LAMES Chill CUP 2 3v3
image: silver with Poland invitium Underground Gaming Session LAN
5th-8th with invitium on LGP LAN in Lublin 17.05.2008

image: cup4 with Poland invitium Clanbase 6on6 CB ladder

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image: pl #invitium @
image: pl hillAs
image: pl voiler
image: lt Rodia
image: pl saqu
image: pl Turki
image: pl riseje
image: pl michat

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image: pl some1s (2007/2008)
image: eu dESIRE (2007)
image: pl hypnotic (2006/2007)
image: pl Nemesis (2006)
image: pl Radio Maryja (2005)
image: pl Eternal Hunter's (2005)

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image: wolfetju8
image: 5501xe9fe6
image: 17693pw1
image: 3887cz5
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image: 2496kd6ap8
image: 2655pu9nt6
image: tsgg1
image: k2mmhuhjodjmdrhf3mxaxt2
image: hgci0
image: 6bae54477095e7cfwd3
image: 9466hb5
image: prostoon4ag3
image: prostofan3sdrw5
image: 111fw8
image: wilkutr4ke5

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× "Mocno w dupe jednym ruchem zmieciemy dziadostwo, na oriencie, na gape PROSTO, WWO, HG, elo, PROSTO''

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Qualified to LGP LAN in Poland Lublin May 17-18 2008 with Poland invitium

Underground Gaming Session Poland Pszow with Poland invitium 22-24.08.08

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CPUCore 2 Quad Q6600 4x2400MHz 8MB Cache
MotherboardGigabyte P31-DS3L
Memory4 gb Kingston
StorageSeagate Samsung 500gb
GraphicsGeForce 9600GT 512MB silent
SoundCreative extreme music gold X-Fi
Operating SystemWindows Xp pro
MonitorGateway HX2000 20
Mouselogitech g5
MousepadEverglide Gamingmat Titan
HeadsetMedusa 5.1 mobile
Connection2 mb/s