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Estonia mant
Estonia raul
Estonia subbi
Estonia Jyrkz


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Finland lettu (c)
Finland maza
Finland clouver
Finland hazz
Finland funky
Finland leikkuri
Finland zerta
Finland Iron

Finspastic 5]

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Finland miNd
Finland repje
Finland vokki
Finland Stuka
Finland kapaa

image: 4copypb3 chmpp
Finland ENSAM (c)
Finland Fel
Finland Sample
Finland sQuall
Finland kapaa

Vicious and Evil]
image: 4copypb3 chmpp
Finland lettu
Finland squall
Finland twidi (c)
Finland Iron
Finland mikza
Finland cadein

image: 4copypb3 chmpp
Finland squall
Finland jauhis
Finland decem
Finland Stuka
Finland lettu
Finland twidi
Finland crosby

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Finland crosby
Finland Fel
Finland Raptor
Finland Spirea
Finland Sanda
Finland Stuka
Finland Jacker

Junk52 Theatre]
- image: 4copypb3 chmpp
- Finland lettu
- Finland decem (c)
- Finland Nizou
- Finland Squall
- Finland Iron

Insignia Cadre - Eurocup XV]

-image: 4copypb3 chmpp
Finland kmble
Finland Mulsu (c)
Finland lettu
Finland twidi
Finland cadein
Finland squall
Finland auron

sFx Murso - Eurocup XIV]
Finland murso aka Europe sFx.murso - Played in Eurocup XIV
Finland twidi (c)
Finland tommi (c)
Finland cadein
Finland mikza
Finland hessu
Finland rauzki
Finland lettu
image: 4copypb3 chmpp

sFx EVIL - Eurocup XIII]
Finland SKIT-EVIL aka Europe sFx.EVIL - Played in Eurocup XIII
Finland Tontza (c)
Finland cadein
Finland mikza
Finland manowaari (c)
Finland murso
Finland lettu
image: 4copypb3 chmpp (rifle)
Finland leikkuri
Finland Slyfox
Finland Iratou

stfu?]Finland #stfu?
Finland decem (c)
Finland Nizou
Finland Iron
image: 4copypb3 chmpp
Finland lettu
Finland Matias
Finland jani

godsinc - Eurocup XII]Finland Negative-image --> Germany gods.inc - Played in Eurocup XII
Finland Mulsu (c)
Finland kmble
image: 4copypb3 chmpp
Spain Winghaven
Hungary Nonix
Hungary Future
Hungary phobeus
Original Negative-image - Won Opencup Premier
Finland Mulsuu (c)
Finland kmble
Finland lettu
Finland Irska
Finland skd
image: 4copypb3 chmpp
Finland ZZorpa
Finland krypta
Finland hapero
Finland Raiden
Finland Grifeon
Finland vIPPE
Finland Dexx

Missing-link]Finland Missing-link
Finland Dargor
Finland Blackfour
Finland twidi
image: 4copypb3 chmpp
Finland Monoxide (c)
Finland Pipe
Finland murso
Finland flz
Finland kreisi

Roqueship]Finland Roqueship
Poland Luka aka 102 (c
Finland Perconte
image: 4copypb3 champpi
Finland havoc
Finland HockeyDude
Finland Shadow
Russia barlog

- Finland ZapShooter

SWI] Finland Soldiers Without identity

Finland Wezeyer (c)
Finland kapuski
Finland Nightmare aka kmble
image: 4copypb3 Champpi
Finland ShadowT
Finland lettu
Finland Dancake
Finland strike
Finland Cleznor
Finland Raiden
Finland Hena
Finland skoda

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player "bust"]
First of all, do no take this as offensive, this is just my personal believe about this dude and I know this isn't proof for any league. Either I am saying he has used cheats in official games. It could have a logical explanation which I really doubt homever. Thanks for information goes to my Poland anonymous friend who has helped me to gather information.

This player Im talking about here is no other than Belgium nEkz from EC clan moomoofarm http://clanbase.ggl.com/claninfo.php?cid=605341

now lets get us to a "proof" part, none of the screenshots are faked

image: pirox

Here you can see his netcoders account, member since 10th of january 2007, Group Memberships of Pansemuckl etBot & M4st3r Probot. To get in for those groups, you need an accept from group leader which i think proofs that he has a real account.

image: piroxnekzirc

Here you can see screenshot from IRC, /dns you can see his ip and also he is idling on netcoders private channel.

image: nekzCF2

There is Crossfire Admin Abuse to check out his ip which leaded us to

image: nekzcrossfire


MY CC5 ]

First day - tuesday: Packed all my stuff into my bag and headed for the trainstation at 7 am. 8 hours of travelling and finally I was in the Finland tampere. Guys were calling where should we meet etc. lettu, Iron and squall were there some minutes before me and I met squall & Iron in the lobby. Squall wasnt that emolooking as I had expected. Lettu had some time before he figured out where would we be. And damn he was just so slim since last time i had seen him. Twidi had missed his train so we waited an hour him to get there and when he came we started our long journey. We had a hotel booked for the 4 ppl in Finland Tampere. So first we went to eat some kebab after visiting local liquor store - Alko. After went to the hotel to drink what we bought and have fun! I was pretty wasted in a few hours because I drank kind of fast. Took a shower in some point and meanwhile mikza had arrived there so I saw him too for the first time. I think i went to buy some more drinks with mikza & lettu but after that i have only some pictures in my head but cant make it to the storie. Passed out some time after.

Second day - wednesday: Woke up in the morning and having hangover ofcourse. Quickly we went to the shop to buy some breakfast because we're in the hurry. Ate some pizza, icecream & battery. After that we searched mikza's car and went to the airport. There we meat decem, roskis & xpaz, all ready to go. Going by plane was awesome, i was never been in the big plane like that and last time i had been in the plane was over 10 years ago. It went good and we're in bremen. Went to the hotel and had to wait 3 hours before we could book in. So we left our bags there and went to the centrum buy some stuff, alcohol ofcourse. Looked like a fine city, couldve enjoyed it a lot more if I hadnt felt as bad as I did. First we found some nice pizzaplace where we ate, after went to shop and I accidently bought some 2,5% beer :D, thank god guys bought some russian wodka. We had 3 rooms in the hotel but ofcourse we got in the one room and just talked shit and started drinking. First plan was to go some, maybe find a bar and/or later visit our vae.cod guys. Well, twidi got fucking wasted before it and tbh ive never seen any guy going as crazy as he did <3 was lots of fun and we laughed a lot, best day of the trip

Third day - Thursday: Woke up in the different room than I shouldve slept but I guess it was expected. Ate some bread Xpaz had bought and soon we started to wake up guys. twidi was suprisingly in some shape to lead his army to the enschede. Found a trainstation, bought tickets and were ready to go! Was cool just to see landscapes while going by train, so much different than ive used to see in the finland. Later in eschede we had a fun bootcamp, just to test stuff and played some uber jaymod publics most of the time <3. Drank only some beers because had games coming on on the next day.

Fourth day - Friday: First gaming day. Came to the center, few ppl came to see hi and stuff, it was a lot more crowned than thursday eventhough there wasnt that much games yet. We had our first match against charism and we got set up pretty fast so we had good time to get our warmup. Match was good, except we lost in delivery. I agree that guy who first time said morning games aint good! I felt shaky and ppl speccing me didnt make it any easier D:. Also played versus desire and it felt a lot of better. Our game was in control and everything was great. After that we had kind of lot break, had few beers because we had only to play TAG in the evening. Meanwhile we just ate, and watched some other games. Versus tag we again played decently and even were lucky in some situations but everything counts! After the match I watched other games again untill i met Germany Quark. He got me so drunk that cant even remember what happened after but i guess i was having fun atleast :D.

Fifth day - Saturday: The playoffs day, started against epsilon. The match was kind of wierd. We won em in our worst map and managed to fuck up our best maps =) We shouldve won it but we didnt. 2nd game vs polags was kind of the same. Won our worst map (GR) and then lost other 2 supposedly to be our good maps :P. The gaming ended - we were out :). Felt a bit unreal, just couldnt believe we had lost 2 times. Drank some beer and watched other games again, especially Finland Xpaz !
Went to sleep kind of early when Germany swine was kind enough to drive us to the hotel.

Sixth & Seventh day - Sunday & monday: Shouldve played in the 3v3 tourney but didnt have a clue when it started / slept late anyway :). When we got in the venue it had already started so we just hanged there and watched some games. Left some time after the final and started our hometrip. Bought some beers and drank it in the train & airport. Xpaz & decem had some wodka again so ofc we drank it again. We had 10 peeps there, vae, sandi, roskis, decem & Xpaz and could say we had fun. Just remembering all the stuff what had happened and all the stuff ppl had done. I got fucking wasted again and in some point airport police came to say that we are loud and we should clean up all the bottles of there. We had some jumping game in some point too but after that cant remember that much. Took a nap and guys woke up me in the few hours and I felt like shit. I got in to the plane eventhough i was all mixed up, passed out in the plane before it went on flying and woke up when we landed. Sweet home Finland Finland. mikza took us to the trainstation and took a first train to the Finland Tampere at 11 am. Said bb to the guys and went by a train with Xpaz, he slept almost the whole time. I tried too but just couldnt get any real sleep because I felt so fucking bad. Arrived Finland Rovaniemi 8 pm and just went home, opened PC and put some music playing <3 Home sweet home <3 Too bad I still was feeling bad so decided I couldnt eat anything yet, went sleeping and slept total of 15 hours in a row <3.

Total of KM's travelled (crow flies): 3796 KMs
Total of 7 days of travelling : tuesday to monday
Total of 500e spent : thx to vae who paid for the hotel & signups <3
Final position in the LAN: 7th-8th = we won all the expectations and made it through from the group stage \o/


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Eurocup XX
Eurocup XIX
Warleagues XII
Eurocup XII
ESL 6vs6 Winter Premier League
pre-ec evu.cup #5
3on3 OC Premier League
ESL 3vs3 Winter Premier League
Warleagues 6vs6 Premier league
#et-cup 3rd edition
Opencup Premier Division Spring 2005
Opencup Third Division Fall 2004
Clanbase Summercup Premier 2010
Clanbase Summercup Premier 2005
Clanbase Opencup Premier
r0f cup (1st edition)
r0f cup (2nd edition)
6on6 European ladder
5on5 European ladder
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2on2 European ladder
Warleagues 6vs6 Premier League
ETL 6vs6 Season 3
ESL Instant Cup 7 3v3
ESL Instat Fall Cup 6v6
GET-LIGA 3on3 Cup
Ubercup 7 1on1
4th Crossfire Nationsup

Heaven Media Awards: Best team of the year 2009

Travelled 1898kms to the LAN!
7th-8th CC5 with Vicious & Evil

13 Eurocups played

With Finland Gods.inc 3rd EC XII
With Finland SKIT-EVIL 5th EC XIII
With Finland #murso 5th EC XIV (backupping)
With Finland Insignia Cadre 5th EC XV
With Finland Incomplete! 4th EC XVI
With Finland Vicious & Evil 4th EC XVIII
With Finland Afterlife 1st EC XIX
With Finland mASCULINE_MANS 1st EC XX
With Finland RAAB 5th EC XXIII
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