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image: sweden
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Playing for:
Sweden Order Gaming I 3D
Sweden Bokki
Sweden Sealpjupp
Sweden Peter Jidhe
Sweden Stewie
Sweden Fr!ght
Sweden Olpen

Sweden Order Gaming 5th edition

Sweden Vargastic
Sweden Antonio
Sweden Paow
Sweden Sealpup
Sweden kAv

SwedenOrder Gaming 4th edition

Sweden Vargastic
Sweden Antonio
Sweden Paow
Norway AlleViate
Sweden vktr
Sweden kAv

SwedenOrder Gaming 3rd edition

Sweden Vargastic
Sweden Bira
Sweden Shadii
Norway AlleViate
Sweden vktr
Sweden kAv

Sweden Order Gaming 2nd edition

Sweden Vargastic
Sweden Bira
Sweden Lint
Sweden Shadii
Norway Moldu
Sweden vktr

Europe NORD

Sweden bira
Sweden vArgastic
Germany Arnie
Germany Fenji
Switzerland GaRg
Netherlands Eddo

Germany Kelnoky

Sweden Giffarna

Sweden Ari Skulasson
Sweden Johan Patriksson
Belgium Mikael Lustig

Previous team:

Europe NewFoundPower (Mascot)

Germany Arnie
Germany Fennex
Finland Blobo
Finland Slarto
Finland Veeth
Germany Kelnoky
Finland Prophet
Sweden Bira

Europe mereo.et

Sweden bira
Germany Arnie
Germany Don Leroy
Germany Froop
Germany Flunschi
Germany Medusa
Germany Mojito
Germany Munin
Germany Revolut!on
Germany Tux^
Finland Juldor
Netherlands Munin

Shoutouts to:
Bulgaria Mirage - For having me on his shoutout and calling me dirty names <3

Groningen Freedune - Du ägde alltid! Sweetcheekpie


Sweden vArgastic: its always funny when women get hurt.

Finland VeeTh: np my pleasure, always like to rub my hand against you guys

19:19 <ORDER`KUBICA> du är så 1987
19:19 <vktr> 1990 :<
19:19 <ORDER`KUBICA> du är typ mindre än min kuk ju!
19:20 <vktr> :D
19:20 <vktr> thats why i call it daddy


Made it one year in competitive ET and on Crossfire before mental illness and general retardation kicked in!

eNorma Cup #1

Europe eNorma
Sweden bira
Sweden vArgen
Sweden vktr
Sweden fred
Sweden mazee
Belgium Rhand
United Kingdom Anarkji
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz
StorageSamsung Spinpoint SATA2
GraphicsATI something 512MB something
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows XP
MonitorDell LCD
KeyboardMicrosoft Natural Ergonomic
MouseRazer DeathAdder
MousepadQPad CT
HeadsetSteelseries, maybe H4?
Connection100mbit / 100mbit