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Fun Quotes :)))

image: nl Kiimi[/b] the first time that you spoke to me ... arg ;D]‹20.05› image: nl Kiim › `Kim- who are you ?
‹20.06› image: fr `Kim- › fr player ?
‹20.06› image: nl Kiim › oke didnt knew srr
‹20.06› image: fr `Kim- › ok so ?
‹20.06› image: nl Kiim › nothing ;)

image: nl Kiimi[/b] frenchi? not really]image: nl Kiim _ to image: be Nasty : tu veux un con ! ( = tu es un con )
woow nice ..., but try again :p

image: ch on q/
image: ch octa : Viens on va lancer des bombes puantes dans leur chan
on #$od.fr/
image: ch octa : hum ça sent bizarre tout à coup
image: ch octa : aaaaaaaaaaaahhh
image: fr Kim : :DDD
* octa`CPC has left #$od.fr

image: nl Kiimi[/b] dumbi]image: nl (`Kiim) i talk too much bullshit now
... later image: nl (`Kiim) talking bullshit again
... and later, again ... image: nl (`Kiim) but i dont care if im talking bullshit

image: nl Kiimi[/b] whali](`Kim) Kiim -> (url) [thumbnails.hulu.com]
image: nl (`Kiim) oke let mee see
image: nl (`Kiim) yes that s me
image: fr (`Kim) ahh
image: nl (`Kiim) you think im cute?
image: fr (`Kim) you're fat uglikimiwhali
image: fr (`Kim) so ..
image: nl (`Kiim) :<
image: nl (`Kiim) yes i am
image: nl (`Kiim) 110 kilos
image: nl (`Kiim) and stuff
image: fr (`Kim) :o !
image: fr (`Kim) i think more
image: nl (`Kiim) oke i was lying 150 kilos
image: nl (`Kiim) :'
image: fr (`Kim) ;D
image: nl (`Kiim) dont laugh at me
image: nl (`Kiim) its very
image: nl (`Kiim) hard
image: nl (`Kiim) living
image: nl (`Kiim) in this situation you know
image: nl (`Kiim) i need to carry 150 kilos every day
image: fr (`Kim) xD

image: nl Kiimi[/b] you're the evil one : proof]image: de (+gungy`yummy) where is the dutch `Kiim ?
image: de (+gungy`yummy) this evil person!
image: nl (@`Kiim) me is here

image: nl Kiimi[/b] is always right]image: nl (@`Kiim) i cant help that im not as smart as you are!
image: nl Kiimi[/b] is weird oO]image: nl Kiim : BLEGHHHHHHHH WAW AD:LAWLD WDANINAW IDAJEAFCAWNFA CEA
sorry had to do this IM GETTING CRAZY of fucking learning
and im still using you for bullshit spam so! :XD

owdaik jkdwan nfcea njcakfcnaenkf canmkf

image: nl Kiimi[/b] whali²]image: nl 5:53p (`Kiim) instead of tostis i have spaghetti :$
image: fr imp4k[/b] fait son unique blague ... enjoy]image: fr (imp4k`^^^^^^DD) c est qui magic
image: fr (`Kim-) un flamand
image: fr (imp4k`^^^^^^DD) Il veut un coup de tete le flammand rose
image: fr (imp4k`^^^^^^DD) D:
image: fr (`Kim-) xD
image: fr (`Kim-) tu veux que je te quote ou quoi xD
image: fr (`Kim-) tu en a d&#039;autres des blagues commeca ? xd
image: fr (imp4k`^^^^^^DD) Non
image: fr (imp4k`^^^^^^DD) :<

image: be OLi aka soulard[/b] thanks <3 :D] image: be (+CPC`OLi`) moi je dis `Kim- elle cheat &agrave; la sten !
for creating #kim :p

image: fr BalloO[/b] see u @lan my impossible love.. ahah !]image: fr (@BalloO) alors mon idee c est de te permettre d avoir moins chaud et a moi aussi kim
image: fr (@`Kim-) ok.. ?
image: fr (@`Kim-) *qu'est ce qu'il va encore me sortir.... *
image: fr(@BalloO) tu te met en tenue legere genre pareo (url) et tu me fait du vent avec des feuilles de bananier
image: fr (@`Kim-) xD
image: fr (@BalloO) ca pourrait etre sympa je trouve
image: fr (@BalloO) et tu alterne avec des massages

image: nl knabL[/b] the 'perfect man']image: nl (knabLji) now i know for sure; your crazy XD
image: nl (knabLji) but i'm glad some1 is laughing when she got full =p
image: nl (knabLji) with she i mean you ;D
image: fr (`Kim-shoppiing) :p
image: fr (`Kim-shoppiing) i think so ;p
image: nl (knabLji) i never said it, but your accent is awesome XD

image: fr gZcon`invi[/b] même lui avoue :D]nick: `Kim- is now gZcon`Kim
image: fr (@gZcon`invi) bon kim bienvenue dans la vie de cheater

image: fr Dudin[/b] ahah ! fail]7:52p    image: fr (Dudinsky) *Petit bisou du matin*
7:52p    image: fr (`Kim-) du matin ?
7:52p    image: fr (Dudinsky) du soir
7:52p    image: fr (Dudinsky) rofl
7:52p    image: fr (Dudinsky) :D
7:52p    image: fr (`Kim-) quote

image: nl pukih[/b] aka Kiim is not nice ! :(]image: nl- Kim. dit (22:58) :
dont concentrate too much
its not good for you

Me :

live in France
speak image: fr image: uk or not
try to learn image: nl image: es of niet
hobby drawing & art - mates - shopping - party - teasing someone
hate learning - not funny ppl - can't laugh/talk/enjoy - BEING BORED
Contact :

image: mirc mIRC #Kim /q `Kim-
image: logo_msn MSN ask me
image: cfmw7 CF pm me / add me
Fun Musics :

(url) [[url]www.youtube.com][/url]
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(url) [[url]www.youtube.com][/url]
(url) [[url]www.youtube.com][/url]
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awesome cover [[url]www.youtube.com][/url]
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image: fr et-merc.fr
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Now :
  • image: fr sod (player) - 10/08
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  • image: eu cute (fun only :D) - 05/09
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Lan :
  • image: fr frenchLAN 2
    ever (leader) - 28th - 29th / 09 / 08
    Stormy - Kim - Dado - nauZ - b3ck - ouabi
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  • image: fr reaLAN 3
    sod (player) - 29th - 30th / 08 / 09
    BalloO - fRk - Kim - Necr0 - TiwiKs - Zorn
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Movie :

image: fr Snake for being my 'doud' for all.. d4e - i miss u !

image: fr sod players (Necr0 - BalloO - Yoh - TiwiKs - Sony - fRk - Ioniks - Patriot - Syem - TasP) for bearing me

image: nl Kiim for being as dumbiiiih and crazih as me x), for faking me, for loving bad musics, for teaching me her very annoying - fucking - strange language :) and for talking bullshit xD
But above all for all those nice moment with you, funny wars.. Or simply for speaking together about all.. Best Kim ever

image: be Nasty aka Hopeless aka Woggle aka Dreamer aka i don't know your real nick :p for laughing all the time :)

image: pl nORAs for making me lose 100 € ... and for being a niiiiiiice guy !

image: nl bAnga for eating all the time ... drinking mojitossssss ... for speaking or making always strange noises on ventrilo, and of course for my new BNC :p .... and above all , when he's not annoying
image: kimby

image: fr pleid for being a very nice drawer... et pour m'aider lorsque je n'ai pas d'idées pour mes projets en ..art :) et pour r&ecirc;ver de faire gobelins comme moi. :p

image: fr nOX for playing with me SIMS on ET ... :) for being always in a good mood .. :)

image: fr Fae - Tatoo - nauZ - miss and all nice french girls for playing ET and not leaving me alone with all those guys :p

image: fr Cece & invi pour tout pleins de trucs ... plus ou moins useless :D (@#Gamerz-Connexion) :: VIP Detected: `Kim- ::
joined #gZcon.et
set: +o `Kim-
topic: ( Welcome ² #Fanny.et [...] / Sponsor: Kimbyyy & Cecebut above all, thanks for having fun with mehh

image: fr FranS et autres CPCs ... for being very nice :)

image: nl knabL for being the perfect man.... :D

image: de LeAn for having a new nick 'Kimsloverboy' and for laughing about my jokes ... my wooops <3

image: de sc0rpi0n for being nice :D. because we played wars together and 'cause i'm a friend of 9thdim ;)

image: fr Ben for having nice taste about music ! just for being nice, je bent één goed klootzak ! :D take care

image: fr imp4k iz a very good guy ! <3

image: be brCh who is a very kind guy .. and i love speaking with him !

image: fr Dudinsky aka Dudin juste par ... moi :) qui m'a surprise avec un beau dessin et pour .. de bons moments sur le funzone & ts

image: fr Ptimino car tu es quand même gentil dans le fond (du fond fond fond) :p et grâce à tes chupa chups qui m'ont tenue éveillé pendant la lan :)

image: eu you !

image: fr (@mumut) need 2 et merc (no busted, no retard, no kim)
moi non plus je t'aime mutaimuté!

image: fr (+pleidrun) et kim fait tres bien le bruit du velo qui grince dailleur
ça devait rester entre nous ;( :p

image: fr Ptimino draws me when i'm singing...
image: Ptiminodrawsme
I'm not blond :(

image: fr Ptimino "[...] même si tu es une tite grosse vielle fripé nul à ET et BLONDE ofc"
La guerre est déclarée !

image: be@ #Kim 5:14p    (@CPC`OLi`) !kickban In7-imp4k

image: fr (@b2b`imp4k) need last be skilled /q ( `Kim- la méchante :()

last update : 13.11


Kim - Kimby - Kimi
The frenchi one :O
The reaaal one :P

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tasty - vicc - mary - mexx - sully - cleo

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and KimBNC thanks to Kiim and bAnga <3 :p

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