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"I have just started my new career, I don't know where it will go, what i will do, it's a secret. But i know my destination..."

Playing for:
3on3 Europe
Poland roMek
Poland rodia
Poland kossta

Looking for 6on6 team

I have been playing ET for such a long time, and achieved only few little things, why? I don't really know but now, with that new character i want to make more, to win more!..."


Contact with me for infos and tryout: elusive|roMek @


Few infos:

: Poland Polish

: medium+

: Playing active ET for 3+ years. Played in OC Premier. Beeing good teamplayer and fop/med/eng with vgood quality

: 17 in January - no problem to be mature!

: Polish but no lagger and i'm happy of that fact!

- Very good sense of humour. I love to laugh and make fun but if needed the good atmosphere during a game is a must!

- I am no whiner - just take it easy and get fun from the game!


Playing ET for 3+ years and beeing proud of it :-)