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Waarom gaat een Hollander buiten staan met zijn eitje als het gevroren heeft?
Als de strooidiensten komen heeft hij zout op zijn eitje.

One ,two. Freddy's coming for you. Three, four. Better lock your door. Five, six Grab your crucifix. Seven, eight. Gonna stay up late. Nine, ten. Freddy's back again.

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Having a E-Relation ship with Kamz! <333333 image: smiley_lekkerding

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-22:39:52- (+ankiie) bAnga I love you!

Samantha: So cum over here and fuck me !
Mazlum: Hahahaha Will do! :D
Samantha: Or I'll beg you!
Samantha: Geen gaatjes vergeten he ?
Mazlum: Neee
Mazlum: Ik vul ze allemaal! 8)
Samantha: Lekker warm

Nora: Mazlum vader van mijn ongeboren kinderen.
Nora: Mazlum father of my unborn children.

<14:34:47> "foreveR@ponr": crossfire: banga we love youuuuuu
<14:34:51> "foreveR@ponr": banga: SHADDAAPPPP

<21:52:17> "foreveR@ponr": fintard poltards whats the difference
<21:52:23> "foreveR@ponr": both sounds shit

<20:13:59> "bAnga": Why are dutch people so mad if they got owned by me?
<20:14:40> "stokkie": haha xD because they are dutch ? :D
<20:14:48> "bAnga": +1! :$

<23:19:24> "bAnga": seareal quitted cause he was jelly over 30 cm long dicks
<23:19:27> "bAnga": i wanna suck you all night long
<23:19:34> "foreveR@ponr": homo :(
<23:19:58> "searealw7": :D

<19:19:16> "foreveR@ponr": but haow do i know those are legit? :P
<19:24:51> "foreveR@ponr": lmao some old perv told me a funny thing about young gurls so i spilled my coffey
<19:25:39> "foreveR@ponr": he said "as long as their legs are long enough to touch teh ground while sitting then it's allowed"
<19:25:58> "foreveR@ponr": haha and i realized that an 12y.o can do that and instant lolled
<19:26:00> "foreveR@ponr": pervs

M. zegt (16:54):
*Ben stofzuige ;q
nessah (W) zegt (16:54):
*doe dat maaaar :P
*of moet ik ff voor je zuigen ;)
M. zegt (16:57):
*Je mag mij wel zuigen :W
nessah (W) zegt (16:58):
*wat lief van je D:

Melanie zegt (23:22):
*eerlijk mazlum
*kom we gaan doenXD

# C.hantal # zegt (23:04):
arrogante slet

lauretteciarrocchiingw zegt (17:36):
*you can watch my webcam but you're not a kid right??
   M    . zegt (17:36):
*I am a kid
lauretteciarrocchiingw zegt (17:36):
*k ..well im gonna show you ..k?
   M    . zegt (17:36):

[15:25:56] [seareal] im gonna send my passport to clanbase
CPUAMD FX-6100 Six-Core (Zambezi)
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SoundSoundblaster Audigy SE
Operating SystemWindows 7 Ultimate Edition 64Bit SP1
MonitorHP LA2006x Wide LCD
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