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Crossfire is shit since 2006

though im pretty inactive atm

CF #1 interviewed splodge http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=interview&mode=item&id=57

some random links:

http://mirror.servut.us/flash/Sparta.swf new new sparta :o
http://mirror.servut.us/flash/fandango.swf lalala?
http://mirror.servut.us/flash/lessthanthree.swf irc<3
http://mirror.servut.us/flash/288069_SuperMarioLand4.swf oldskool mario
http://mirror.servut.us/flash/Bunnykill.swf] killerbunnies
http://mirror.servut.us/flash/Ravestart.swf just for the music
http://etk.scener.org/stuff/flash/%7Ecloud.swf dont put your music to loud or you are going to get scared!
http://mirror.servut.us/flash/mootykins.swf 4Chan <3
http://mirror.servut.us/flash/Love_Forever.swf anime+song=love
http://mirror.servut.us/flash/tanzen.swf <3 4Chan
http://etk.scener.org/stuff/%7Eharuhi.swf anime > *
http://etk.scener.org/stuff/Ann%27s%20Story.swf ann loves porn magazines
http://mirror.servut.us/flash/PhilosophyOfLiberty.swf i am one of the very less people who think this is nice made flash

image: image,sector,white,black

GameLife story :o)


i started like 3 years ago with the game RTCW cause my pc was to noob for ET, after a few months i bought a new pc and finaly i was ready for the ET-scene, thats like 2 1/2 years ago.
i started in pubs ofcourse and met a guy named NetherlandsMize, he was starting a clan and i asked him if i may join his clan and my first clan was born.

Infernal Rage
Netherlands Mize
Netherlands Sam_
Netherlands Aureon
Netherlands Sector

after a long time, the clan folded and aureon teached me all the things he knew and we trained from 20:00 till 04:00, something that i always will remember.
<3 aureon
after that i joined a clan named influx with a i-net mate named NetherlandsSuffie.
we were becomming close friends and did some home lans with eachother.
but we joined Beneluxinflux and another clan was born for me:

Netherlands BarthezZz
Netherlands Razor
Belgium Sharkey
Belgium !mp
Netherlands Suffie
Netherlands Sector

after a while things didnt turn up as we had expected so me and suffie left the team.
we played pubs for a while till i got a new clan called

Netherlands A2dk
Netherlands busZs
Netherlands r()b
Netherlands Ati_
Netherlands Suffie
Netherlands Sector
Netherlands Ronner [back up]

we did nice with this team but we still failed to keep the clan alive :(((
so another clan has died.
after that i got in touch with guys from other nationality's.
i trialed for a clan called Next.Gaming and i got in:

Scotland Vowel
Denmark Frode
Belgium destroy
United Kingdom mortie
United Kingdom lozzy
Netherlands Sector

a even better clan then incontrol, had really a good time there but for some reasons the clan died cause of some inactive's, was really disapointed then but ofcourse i needed to go on.
in the meanwhile ive become really close friends with Suffie and became a rl friend and still is, 2 bad his gf took him away from me :(.
ive been in some fun clans then that just died in 2 weeks, but the friendships ive got from the clans will last forever, some friend i made with the funclans
Netherlands Repsol aka Bart
Italy Donuts aka Renzo
Netherlands Mica aka mica
some dutchies that live in utrecht and spend some time with them on lans <3 u all.
the next clan was a pretty fun clan with some dutchies again

Netherlands Envy
Netherlands Swas
Netherlands Stx
Amsterdam Jor
Anonymous Soul
Italy vegas
United Kingdom vexx
Netherlands Sector

cause it was sort of a fun clan this clan didnt lasted long almost like 2/3 months, and again the search for another clan.
repsol and co started a clan named sozZ and so he asked me to join and ofcourse i wanted that.

Netherlands Sector
Netherlands Repsol
Netherlands Mica
Italy Donuts
Netherlands Intel
Netherlands Suffie
Netherlands Rampo

it had a nice time with this clan cause it was with rl friends i think, thanks for the nice time guys<3
but it was just not the clan that would live till this day :((
so this time i stopped at Team Fusion for a trial and i made it in.

Team Fusion 6o6
England Mavrick
Scotland Vowel
United Kingdom splodge
England bulldog
Netherlands repsol
Israel Cypher
Netherlands Sector

so once again i had the chance to play with vowel <3, and this was the best clan ive ever been into, nice players, nice in skill and in personality, especially with splodge, splodge is 16 years and sounds like someone with the age of 21 :D, its a smart guy with nice rifle and teamskill, a very serious guy, and one of my best i-net friends <3, till we meet and go to the efteling this summer i hope, he gave me a BNC and i gave him my love <3 but back to the clanhistory, i really had a great time with Fusion, till members started to leave/inactive/got into fights with eachother :(((
so the clan folded, everyone thought, but then we started to be a 3o3 clan with:

Team Fusion 3o3
England Mavrick
Scotland Vowel
Netherlands Sector

tbh we did pretty nice with this 3o3 clan and we eventually made it to ettv vs aR that we lost :>.

after like 6/7 months being a fusion member, i felt it was my time to leave fusion cause of a lack of motivation, sorry mavrick + vowel, really had a great time with u guys <3
after that i just played pubs with good mates like repsol, suffie and splodge we decided to make a clan by ourself.

Netherlands Sector
Netherlands Repsol
United Kingdom Splodge
Netherlands Wesbo
Netherlands Suffie
Denmark Arachon
Netherlands Squinn

but it seems like even elysium made into the group of "2 weeks", after arachon left we didnt want to start over with a new rifle so elysium was over.
now im playing for a clan called :

Austria laguNa
Sweden fatl
Finland kotzAmo
Netherlands Repsol
Germany gzD
Netherlands Sector

after again 2 weeks i left, and thats the end of my gamelife, i stopped serious gaming since then.

last not least i want to thanks some guys for making me the game so fun to play and for the chats <3

ddosKing Mica
Splodge, see u in the vacation mate 8) going to the efteling \0/
Mavrick aka houdjebek
Vowel aka wnbBrittish
Bulldog aka sexyguy
Cypher aka Hicypher
TREAVER! aka 2pac
Roman /cry
Chamire! aka adorean
Vegas for being such a damn sexy ETplayer
Wesbo [need more rl storie's :D]
Rhand [datelieffie]

Being a fanboy of anubis/LoyalPrincess

if i forgot someone just pm me <3

Contact at MSN :

Contact at AIM :

irc = lowskilled


Thing that must be reminded :

LOL skiD

Posted by skiD on Wednesday 8th November 2006, 19:47

you have teh best profile ever! had fun reading it
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Quote Rhand on 14/11/06, 19:48:15
Bedankt, en je mag blijven leven =]

Quote swas on 15/03/07, 22:16:54
spammen niet begint hier een beetje een zielig zooitje te worden.

die goeie ouwe tijd :(

your so right swas, good old times :<

u just gotta hate RL
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17:41… wuuKaS: nee :p
17:41… wuuKaS: zo naarbuiten!


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