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The sweetest player from the whole eSports-scene:

if your a model agent or summit - you're allowed to mail me.

online-gaming clan history:
Unreal Tournament'99: |CF|, [DoD], [Simpons], [Napalm], [Mv]
Diablo2: ~SoD~, UMUST, bH, ~SoD~, ~tS~ (CL), ~NLS~ (CL), ~SUC~ (CL)
Quake3: ~NLS/SUC~, L2K
Doom3: Kill Will
Counter-Strike Source: GKS Tychy Hooligans ft. Kill Will
RTCW: ~NLS/SUC~ public gamer, didn´t have time to play properly :p, Diablo2 was more important :(
ET: nEsc (CL), Kill Will (CL), gentoo linux.ET (TC)

CL = clanleader
TC = Team-captain

-a so called "pr0-gamer" - thanks to diablo2 and ebay I earned in my "career" ~7.500$~. Financed my new comp and my RL that way =).
-managed to get a 100+ members guild as guildleader from ~tS~ - We started with 2.
-managed to build up a feared pk/pvp clan in D2 HC mode. I was/We were famous in that community for some time - it was a sweet time as long it did last.
-managed to build up an ET clan (no Escape) with people, who got all recruited on public servers - it was a sweet time as long it did last.
-managed to build up an multi gaming clan, which lasted for some days (Kill Will - keep up the community)
-leading a community clan (gentoo linux et - respect to lafuma, who managed to build up such a nice clan - I'm proud to lead the clan during clanwars.
-managed to become a well respected Clanbase cup admin, whose reports are just beloved =).

online since 1999
hompeage coming soon - stay tuned!

don´t think I'm a clanhopper or summit due to all those clans...I just play competetive for a long long time and I just love it.

face it - I'm the sweetest eSports-player around. If there would be a contest about it, I would win it.
arrogant? nah - live with it.
a raised ghetto buy, half polish/half jamaican - Screwed Up Click 4 life....

~NLS/SUC~ - family clan with all my friends involved - comparable to Kill Will.


how gentoo linux.ET became what it is:

-Sugar (now: gentoo linux.ET)
-snuitje (now: university)
-meLonfarmer (now: clan SoF)
-Bobben (now: gentoo linux.ET)
-Leon (now: clan SoF)
-CTM (now: gentoo linux.ET)
-Tomma (now: concentrating on school, i.e. inactive)
-Fulgore (now: buggering with mmorpg's)
-Amokk (now: dynasty gaming.ET)

-Sugar, aka LiL´Souljah
-Palpatrine aka BoB
-blackscorpion aka bc

maybe we see us in WoW again - time will tell

gentoo linux.ET:
Honorary: devzero

Regards to evrybody I had the pleasure to spend time with in a clan - was fun as long it did last !

shoutouts to all my friends and a special thanks to my haters - ya keep me motivated =)

I love to entertain people, if you want to get in touch with me - just try it, maybe your lucky and I like you aswell.

I'll u/l photos from me as soon as my page goes online, so stay tuned! =)

support: www.ins-gaming.net

sweet regards
Jamal "Sugar" Jones


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