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Gaming and other Awards

image: cup_gold haVe a reaLlife Germany

image: cup_gold for Having Friends Germany

image: cup_gold OptimizeD eT.Config Germany

image: cup_gold for My Choleric stylez Germany

image: cup_silver 3on3 X-Mas Cup 2 Place Germany

image: cup_gold 6on6 ESL Freizeitliga 1 Place Germany

image: cup_gold3on3 Cup DBB.et with eXecutive eTGermany

image: cup_gold for Last man Standing Camper in 6on6 Germany

image: cup_gold for firm Friends with iiky raTchet noli plemplem <3 Germany

image: cup_gold Many player Knows because my name Vista i have Vista as OS Germany


That is Real Skill by KSD

Mr Men Trickjump Pownage

Owned By NikiTa

eXe-eT RockZ da HouSe

Fraging is not All

Fraging is not All Chapter 2

prOteK teh Movie comming in 1 day


<-- Ratchet --> Ma prO mate

<-- iiky --> little crazy girl

<-- PlemPlem --> A Turk

<-- Fireblade --> you are ma man :D

<-- Kalle --> 1337 haxxor ftw :O

<-- eXe.eT --> were never die


CPUAMD Phenom II X4 840 (Quadcore)
MotherboardAsus m2n-vm HDMI
Memory8192 mb ddr2 ram
Storage1TB Harddrive
Graphicsnividia geforce 240 Gt 1gb ram
SoundRealtek high Definition Audio
Operating SystemWindows 10 64Bit
Monitor21 Zoll TFT Wide Screen BENQ
KeyboardDell l100 in black
MouseLogitech mx 518 @ 1000dpi
MousepadSteelseries xxl
HeadsetLogitech Stereo Headset H390
Connection50000 dsl