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¤ Poland oVerplay/ Frogs of War (Fow)

Poland boObje_
Poland dzordzo
Poland Turki
Poland Bl4nko
Poland michat
Poland aDman

¤ Poland invitium [!]

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Poland Rodia
Poland Turki
Poland voiler (cl)
Poland riseje
Poland saqu
Poland michat
Poland oneofTHEM
Poland hillas

» ¬ #invitium

¤ Poland Lames@ISR Gaming

Poland alKo
Poland Thaumas
Poland grzesiek
Poland michat


¤ Poland divine-skill

Poland voiler (cl)
Poland michat

¤ Poland ankh (ankh.)

Poland negat1ve (cl)
Poland awu
Poland tomssik
Poland w3de
Poland Raiven

Poland Lukey
Poland viC
Poland Stalin
Poland vega
Poland Norbi
Poland michat

» #ankh.et
» http://ankh.glt.pl/

¤ Poland Rebellion@Freshcore`Gaming[/b] (FHC)

Poland Phase (cl)
Poland eque
Poland Laser
Poland kz
Poland maynard

Poland gaCek
Poland Mohicans
Poland michat
Poland hristo
Poland hillAs
Poland majster
Poland viC

» [#rebellion.et and #freshcore
» ¬ http://www.team-rebellion.yoyo.pl/ and http://www.team-freshcore.com/

¤ Poland noAccess (nA')

Poland galL(cl)
Poland Mohicans
Poland Kwilos
Poland viC
Poland Ev0x
Poland michat

» [¬ ##noAccess

¤ Poland [team-dzialki (dzialki-)

Poland Rodia
Poland Turki
Poland voiler
Poland riseje
Poland michat

¤ Poland some1s@nucleaR-outsidE (some1s)

Poland Fr4gg3r (cl)
Poland Rodia
Poland Turki
Poland voiler
Poland hillas
Poland Luu/riZla
Poland ridji
Poland oneofTHEM
Poland Kossta
Poland michat

» #some1s
» ]¬ http://www.some1s.o7.pl

¤ Poland eXert

Poland Lenin (cl)
Poland Woozie
Poland grzesiek
Poland gruszek
Poland gRUCHA
Poland haven
Poland Chemical
Poland Pr3dator
Poland michat

» #exert
» www.exert.xt.pl]www.exert.xt.pl

¤ Poland Viewpoint@Pr3ds.Gaming (vpoint)

Poland dbC/Haley (cl)
Poland Kennel
Poland WIMH
Poland Bialas
Poland Raiven
Poland michat
Poland fantazja

» #Viewpoint.et

¤ Poland Aim is only one (aio1)

Poland Janek (cl)
Poland Snacki
Poland voiler
Poland havoc
Poland Celon
Poland michat


Poland grzesiek (cl)
Poland awu
Poland michat

¤ Poland #earthquake.et (earth`)

Poland awu (cl)
Poland mandejo image: ico_warn
Poland Norbi
Poland grzesiek
Poland Stalin
Poland Placki
Poland michat

» #earthquake.et

¤ Poland team-result (RsT)

Poland About (cl)
Poland F1x
Poland Sov3rs
Poland Losiu
Poland Anarky/drabina/Winters image: ico_warn
Poland entaro
Poland zer0
Poland michat
Poland Olinek
Poland Nsk
Poland Klexuh
Poland zrk
Poland Cracko

» ¬ #result.et or #team-result

¤ Poland team-technoid (techN`)

Poland voiler (cl)
Poland subol image: ico_warn
Poland kamilek/kasia:*
Poland Marcin05
Poland eragon/redpoint
Poland michat

» ¬ #team-technoid

¤ Poland presage.et (prsg.)

Poland Caprio (cl)
Poland Jadol
Poland kesto
Poland westi
Poland Cracko
Poland kaZe
Poland Hermetic
Poland offline/skoczek

» ¬ #presage-et

¤ Poland Wraith Guards (*WG*)

Poland s_noopy (cl)
Poland Sauron
Poland QB
Poland Sebo
Poland Old/Rodia
Poland michat

» ¬ #WG.et
» www.wgclan.pl/news.php

¤ Poland Shadows[ (Shs|)

Poland Leon (cl)
Poland Qhak
Poland Dagget
Poland blender
Poland michat



Underground Session Lan Pszów 22-24.08.2008 Poland invitium
EGU Lan Bialystok 29/30.05.2010 Poland vae victis (SnaCki, swiruzz, Turki, Rafacz, me)
TOP 4 EGU Lan Bialystok 30/31.05.2009 Poland invitium
5th-8th Lublin Game Party II Lublin 17.05.2008 Poland invitium
Present on: Lublin Game Party I (3on3) Lublin (but I was spect only)

LAME.CUP 1vs1#2 won vs Poland zrk
#Whine.cup 1v1#1 lost vs Estonia Reload
LAME.CUP 1vs1#1

2on2 ESL Spring League '09 - Premier Division with Poland invitium
Demigods OneDay Cup#3 (2vs2) Poland invitium
promen ET Cup 2on2 2007 Poland #Viewpoint.et
ESL ET 2on2 Ladder (2008) Poland divine-skill

#Re-play 3on3 Oneday Poland invitium
ESL ET 3on3 Winter Instant Cup II Europe some1s
3on3 ESL Spring League '09 - Premier Division Poland invitium
#ET-Style 3on3 Poland Lames
#re-play 3on3 Cup v1 Poland Lames
hell.Cup 3v3 #1 Poland Lames
Interactive 3on3 cup #2 Poland Lames
#up.et 3on3 Pistol cup v1 Poland Lames
cWg 3on3 cup v01 Poland Lames
chill.et cup 3on3 Poland Lames
friendscup 3on3 Poland Lames
#lames.et v1 3on3 cup Poland Lames
hell.Cup 3v3 #2 Poland Lames
Feel your Fear CUP 3v3#1 Poland Lames
Feel your Fear CUP 3v3#2 Poland Lames
infinity Cup 3v3 Poland Lames
Feel your Fear CUP 3v3#4 Poland Lames
Feel your Fear CUP 3v3#5 Poland Lames
9-th dimension CUP 3v3#2 Poland Lames
et.mix 3on3 cup Poland Lames
up.et 3on3 cup Poland Lames
freshcore 3on3 Poland Lames
#fyfcup.v3 (Turki,Elviss, michat,iksdee)
4th place in #CwG.et Oldschool Cup v1 (Bloodje, grzesiek, michat)
MultiCup Series v14 Pistol Cup 3on3 Poland Lames
ET 3on3 SC 2010 div IV Poland oVerplay/ Frogs of War (Fow)
ESL Summer Cup div II 2010 Poland oVerplay/ Frogs of War (Fow)

ET SW SC 2010 div IV Poland oVerplay/ Frogs of War (Fow)
ESL ET 5on5 Ladder 2010 Poland oVerplay/ Frogs of War (Fow) (now )

Freshcore 6on6 Cup 3 Poland invitium
Freshcore One Day Cup 6on6 #1 Poland invitium
Vester.Cup 6on6 Poland invitium
Coldfire Vengeance Cup IV (6vs6) Poland invitium
#Result.Cup 6on6 Poland invitium
Enemy Territory 6on6 PL EMS II Qualifier Poland invitium
Enemy Territory 6on6 PL EMS IV Qualifier Poland invitium
Force'Gaming 6on6 Cup Poland invitium
ET SW 6v6 OpenCup Spring 2008 Second League Poland invitium
CB 5on5 SummerCup Premier league Poland invitium
#evu.cup 6on6 with Poland invitium
ESL 6on6 Summer Instant Cup (2008) Poland Rebellion/Freshcore
Coldfire 8teams1cup II v2 2009 Europe At Pressure (michat, Turki, FrG, Absit, Fanatic, numeric)
4th place in ClanBase Ladder eu (6v6) Europe #some1s
Player of most underrated team Poland invitium (et.owned.pl Awards 2008:)

CPUAMD Athlon 64 3.0 GHz+
Memorykingstone 1GB dual channel
Storageseagate barracuda 160 GB
Graphicsleadtek winfast GF 7800 GT
Operating Systemxp
MonitorLG Flatron 17'
Mouseomega za 20 zl :) 800 DPI
MousepadQPad CT large 4mm black
HeadsetCreative HS-600