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RtCW Movie: No Playa No Win

Current Lineup team Europe raw
United Kingdom jam
Netherlands mirage
Netherlands playa
Germany fro
United Kingdom sqzz
Finland olbaa
Denmark vaf
Netherlands twa
Anonymous phyzic
Estonia night
United Kingdom razz

on hold team Europe iAm.et Fall 2010 5o5
Netherlands Playa (c)
Netherlands Adeto (c)

Netherlands Team NL for RtCW-Cup NC I
Netherlands mAno (C)
Netherlands 2d
Netherlands Flits
Netherlands Kylie
Netherlands vis
Netherlands kArma
Netherlands Playa
Netherlands pds
Netherlands warheart
Netherlands Mirage

Current Lineup team Europe iAm.rtcw RtCW-Cup 4
Netherlands Playa
Poland z3R0
Switzerland koni
Netherlands TwA
Germany Sight
Scotland Scuba

Europe iAm.et
Netherlands Playa (c)
Netherlands Adeto
Israel blitZ
Germany Sight
Canada Tranix
Sweden znark

Slovenia Aniq3
Scotland Jinosta
Netherlands Mirage

team Europe iAm.et
Netherlands Playa (c)
Netherlands pds
Netherlands Mirage
United Kingdom Shade
Germany eujen
Germany Sight
Germany uNiqz
Scotland Jinosta
Germany violy
Portugal Setup

Netherlands InfernaL
Netherlands Adeto

team Europe Xeimos
Netherlands Playa (c) (manager)
Netherlands 2d (c)
Netherlands Mirage
Poland z3R0
Norway Kris
Scotland Conker
Switzerland Koni

team Europe uSd / nc

Belgium Dubbie
Belgium Beuzz
Netherlands Mirage
United Kingdom Jam
Netherlands Damage
Belgium Amneeh
Belgium Arwel
United Kingdom Chrnc
Germany Felix
Belgium Azeeh
Netherlands Playa

team: Europe nc / iAm

Netherlands Playa (c)
Netherlands 2d (c)
TurkeyNetherlands Mirage
TurkeyNetherlands Damage
United Kingdom Mexx
Netherlands Kylie
Netherlands Slinger / rbnt
United Kingdom Jam
Scotland Conker
Netherlands Disje
Switzerland Koni
Germany Sight
Netherlands Vis
Scotland Jinx

team EuropeEa
United KingdomDante
United KingdomVoodoo

team NetherlandseVADE

team EuropedG
United KingdomJam
United KingdomAngel
United KingdomCrmbs
United KingdomMexx
United KingdomRadeon

and For CarnageCup team Europe Age
Netherlands Vntl (c)
Belgium M3ta (c)
Netherlands Playa (c)
Belgium Link
Netherlands Cronoz
Netherlands ScaR
United Kingdom Radeon
France Itzela
France Nemi

ex clans rtcw

Netherlands SDL
Europe Ea
Europe sA

ex clans et

Europe vb
Europe noVelty


RtCW Anniversary Cup 6vs6 with team Europe raw,
RtCW Dignitas Cup 6vs6 with team Europe raw,
RtCW Draft Cup III with team Netherlands bully
RtCW Draft Cup II with team Germany fro
RtCW-Cup NC 1 with team Netherlands well done guys
World Cup Poule Heliomare
World Cup Poule Detamo won a 8.0 megapixel digital camera :D
sA Tournament 2010 with Europe nc
Voted aimbotter on 1.0 :D
Clanbase OpenCup 2nd Div groupstage with Europe iAm.et
rtcw.dm tourney 3o3 with Europe usql
Oneday Cup 3o3 with Europe ext3.et
Oneday Cup 6o6 with Europe iAm.et
Pistols only Cup with Europe iAm.et
Crossfire Challenge 6 RtCW 6o6 with Europe wiggers / raw
Late Xmas 6o6 RtCW-Cup with Europe xei
Coldfire.rtcw 3o3 OnedayCup with Europe xei
Masters Cup 3o3 with Europe uSd/nc
Coldfire.rtcw 6o6 OnedayCup with Europe lev
Coldfire.rtcw 3o3 OnedayCup with Europe lev
One.Zero League 5o5/6o6 with Europe nc
Office 4o4 Cup with Europe Ea
3o3 dm Cup with Netherlands eVADE
#rtcw1.0 3o3 OnedayCup with Europe nc
Warleagues II Premier with Europe iAm
Battleleague OnedayCup 2o2 2008 with TurkeyNetherlands Mirage
5th place Rtcw-Cup II 6o6 2008 with Europe iAm
atX 5o5 obj league 2008 with NetherlandsUnited Kingdom dG
1vs1 Cup 2008
Battleleague III 6o6 2008 with Europe nc
Europe League 6o6 2008 with Europe nc
Battleleague OnedayCup 3o3 2008 with Europe iAm
Rtcw-Cup 6o6 LB Final 2008 with Europe iAm / nc
Rtcw-Cup 6o6 2008 with Europe iAm / nc
Carnage Cup 2007 with Europe Age
ODC 3v3 2008 with Europe nc
top 8 et-cup #31 6o6 with Europe noVelty
BurnerCup Group A with Europe nc
Best dm player voted by rtcw community 2007 Europe
Battleleague II 6o6 obj 2007 with Europe nc
Dm tourney 4o4 2006 with Europe nc
Battleleague 5o5 obj 2006 with Europe nc
Best dm player voted by rtcw community 2006 Europe
Nationscup 6o6 obj 2006 with Netherlands team NL
5o5 Clancup dm 2005 with Europe nc
Nationscup 5o5 dm 2005 with Netherlands team NL
Getting panna'd by Netherlands Damage
CPU2x Intel Xeon X5680 @3.33ghz
MotherboardEVGA Classified SR2
MemoryCorsair Dominator GTX2 3x2GB 2000MHZ
Storage2x OCZ Vertex Limited Edition 100GB SSD Raid0
GraphicsEVGA GeForce GTX 480 1536MB Quad-SLI
SoundLogitech Z-5500 Digital 5.1
Operating SystemWindows 7 Professional 64-bits
MonitorLG 22" e2250v-pn LED Full-HD
KeyboardLogitech G15
MouseLogitech G500 5700 dpi
MousepadSteelSeries SX
HeadsetRazer Megalodon 7.1 Gaming Headset
ConnectionFiberglass 100 Mbit