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NICKNAMES INGAME: azle / eizel / highmedic

[Current Enemy Territory Quake Wars team]

France sNap [leader]
France Yoyo [Leader in Game]
France tzbq
Belgium Nakira
France infra
France eizel
France beqs[/hide]
[Current Enemy Territory team]

France eizel
France activ'
Belgium hotaman
France perfect
France You ?
France You ?[/hide]

[Enemy Territory's old teams]

France eizel
France activ'
Belgium hotaman
France avtr
France pyroo
France Eza[/hide]

France sNap [leader]
France tzbq
France jupith
France eizel
France beqs[/hide]

France eizel [leader]
France fxrt [co-leader]
France dr4g
France blQst
Belgium eAzer
France Marcou
France fati
France Panpan
Canada Jokerz
Belgium vigot
Switzerland Pred
France tzbq [/hide]

France Ark
France EvL
France ewAz
France iMac
France Locky
Switzerland wzii
France Ptimino
France Tico
Switzerland Dezix [Leader][/hide]

France AliaS
France Zgen
France M@x
France Dezix
France Saku
France C@yman
France predator
France Sunny
France arkange
Switzerland wolverine[/hide]

France arkange
France snyp
France max
France mini-max
France fred[/hide]

2o2 Fun team !
France An7ho
France eizel[/hide]

lot's of random and 2 weeks team

France Luger
France mystic
France arkange
France wahran
France medic
France Samy[/hide]

France Giardino
France Ash
France driver
France 8b@ll
France @nthony[/hide]


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Dream Cup with EuropeeSport Logic (2007) [Enemy Territory]
CFB Cup with EuropeTeam-pixel (2008 ) [Enemy Territory]