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» Current ET Clans:

France split

image: be leito
image: be aieuh
image: be dodgeh
image: be wezor
image: fr fra
image: fr pulp
image: fr nSKunK
image: fr blast
image: fr convct
image: fr locky

» Previous ET Clans:

Finland insta-Gods - Team-ND

image: be leito
image: be timoun
image: be Phil
image: be xAv
image: be edge
image: fr maxuh
image: fr keeji
image: fr kyp

Europe Duality

image: be leito
image: be timoun
image: be Generalz
image: fr aieuh
image: fr nSkunk
image: fr boumbo
image: fi Good
image: dk squash

Poland undertable

image: be leito
image: pl luu
image: pl skyr
image: pl ufoleet
image: pl zMk
image: pl edain
image: fr boumbo
image: il deadman
image: pt atilla

Europe unique

image: be leito
image: ua deepfreez
image: pl god
image: nl joop
image: nl ovrboost
image: se nils
image: se kiitos
image: at beAsty

Austria own3D.at

image: be leito
image: de draqii
image: de Dr4goOn
image: at Tamschi
image: at schranz
image: at laguna
image: at scorchii
image: at day
image: at nbd

Europe snd

image: be leito
image: be prydz
image: be chry
image: de viol
image: pt setup
image: si snail
image: si immoo
image: se slajdan
image: se nordan

Belgium ET.Allstar.be - South

image: be leito
image: be xAv
image: be MouT
image: be Aket
image: be Wezor
image: be dodgeh
image: be Cox
image: be ricardo
image: be player


» Awards:

Played with iGods CB SummerCup 07 Premier League group A
Played with Duality CB OpenCup 07 Second Division group F
Played ClanBase hosted FIF 6vs6 cup Premier League
Played 1 week in team be (before I left)
Played ET.Allstar.be in team SOUTH
Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4 Qualifiers with sNdLan
with please glitz Gaming 6vs6 onedaycup
with vR [leito olbaa zMk Templar lazio hell] 6on6 ikone xmas cup
with irl [leito cya sandi] #personal.et 3on3 cup
with retro #x3-cup

boumbo gave me his ETX [the power is coming]
Manix gave me his brain [the power is coming faster]
Operating Systemxp
MonitorSamsung SyncMaster 913v
Headsetcreative hs-400