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[center]Poland eXert : [/center][/u]

Poland Lenin
Poland Pr3dator
Poland Woozie
Poland Grucha
Poland Zelo
Poland Vi3ri


Poland D34th[/b]

[center]Poland fuZioN / delvix : [/center][/u]
Congo Sprajt
Poland Shizer
Poland D34th
Poland hwq

[center]Poland Proxtim Team: [/center][/u]
Poland koX
Poland SwireQ
Poland D34th
Poland Brobo
Poland nApt
Poland Biskup


Poland B4m

[center]Poland Effective Team: [/center][/u]
Poland D34th
Poland bRRrrrr
Poland Jojek
Poland nApt
Poland avert
Poland Xardas


Poland Biskup

[center]Germany 8BITS gAming:[/center][/u]

Poland k0za
Poland D34th
Poland Krtn
Poland Atr
Finland Luu
Poland Turki


Poland Myrasz
Poland Crx

[center] #exert.et #delvix.et Idle and Stay :* [/center]

My best friends online:

Congo SprAjT high! player! i love him <3
Poland Turki My fucking brother!
Poland Kumite best fragstealer in world !
Poland Xardas <3 ego boy his rifle is amazing :D
Poland Lesniczy good player on et and friend :-)
Poland Czesio love says about shit!
Poland Noskiller good friend and noob rifle :DDDD
Poland Jojek create TBA matches vs SB xD his is amazing xD
Finland Luu amazing rifle and clanhopper :D
Poland Dagger good movie maker :)
Poland Krycha his love lan prof!
Poland H1reK best gay in the world xDDDDDDD
Poland Xard1an most hilarious guy in the world !
Poland Th0r fucking noob ! only good in WoW !


3on3 Onedays :

Outlaw Night 3on3 Cup 2 with Poland fuzion
unbrained Night 3on3 Cup with Poland fuzion
Delvix Cup 3on3 #2 with Poland delvX
Maybe Night 3on3 Cup with Poland fuzion
Maybe Night 3on3 Cup 2 with Poland fuzion
crybirdz Night 3on3 Cup with Poland fuzion
Delvix Cup 3on3 #1 with Poland delvX

3on3 :

FunClub Cup 3on3 with Poland Effective Team
Team Victory Cup 3on3 with Poland Ex4ntic Team


Babtournament Cup 6on6 Poland Effective Team
CPUAMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual
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