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Current ET Teams:
Die Auslese-Krieger]
Chile coke (c)
Canada rockstAr
Chile Skyline
Canada rossko
Chile crx
Chile neos
Chile scorpion
Chile niko

Past ET Teams:
UltraViolet Gaming]
Canada anim (c)
Canada rockstAr
Canada rossko
United Kingdom kamz
Belgium plAyer

Team Canada NC XIV]
Canada anim (c)
Canada rockstAr
Canada rossko
Canada monkey
Canada sHAUN

Netherlands saKen (c)
Canada rockstAr
Netherlands joshua
Iceland phyzic

Team e-WAVE 2010]
Canada anim (c)
Canada rockstAr
Canada monkey
Canada rossko
France RiZkKk
France kARnAJ
Czech Republic jalo

Team e-WAVE 2009/2010]
United States of America pAuz (c)
Canada rockstAr
Canada rossko
Canada anim
Hungary Nonix
Lithuania revee

Team Canada NC XIII]
Canada punkk (c)
Canada rockstAr
Canada rossko
Canada anim
Canada Tranix
Canada sHAUN
Canada monkey
Canada CrimZon
Canada xstacy
Canada Empty

Canadian Bacon with Chile]
Canada Tranix (c)
Canada rockstAr
Canada rossko
Canada sHAUN
Chile M@x
Canada CrimZon
United States of America TiM

United States of America pAuZ
Canada rockstAr
Canada rossko
United States of America t!nk
Canada Nicko
Finland GrB

Canada Aqueous (c)
Canada rockstAr
Canada rossko
United States of America NYC
Canada nicko
Netherlands emanon
United States of America mistaken
France juda

cLutch Impact]
United States of America pAuz (c)
Canada rockstAr
Canada Nightmare
United States of America t!nk
Canada GuNNeR
United States of America r3volve
United States of America starbucks

We Did It]
United States of America pAuz (c)
Canada rockstAr
Canada rossko
United States of America t!nk
United States of America burn
Canada Aqueous

Germany stRay (c)
Canada rockstAr
United States of America pAuz
Germany gr0ss
Germany t1mmAe
Canada rossko

United Kingdom Williams (c)
Lithuania revee
United States of America pAuz
Sweden Crisless
Belgium mIstiek

Netherlands Ming (c)
Canada rockstAr
Canada rossko
Israel pala
Belgium Stricken
United Kingdom Torres
Netherlands Visij

My Youtube Channel
http://www.own3d.tv/video/145520/rockstAr_vs_Chile Made by Chile M@x
image: rockysshax - BelgiumStricken: theres a goat who somehow always knows when u get knifed

SwedenJimriniho: pAuz, if you don't get this, I'm going to diarrhea myself.

United States of Americas e e n: why would u all have spawn selectors and timers,
thats not a normal etmain

SwedenJimriniho: a pacifier sounds stupid, the best explanation is a dick thing for babies to suck on, to make their teeth warm

CanadarockstAr: 3on3?
United States of AmericaAvi*™:i dont want to get raped thnx my asshole is already hurting

United States of AmericaChronic(Drunk): Sean, Sean, you.. the genius of invention

Canadapunkk: Hey, shut up square head

United Kingdomwilliams: I can't help being med+

United Kingdomwilliams: (williams pauses match) Alright guys, you're my friends, we're a clan, we're gonna win.(williams unpauses match)

CanadarockstAr: who's your favourite ETplayer?
Israel^pala: rockstAr of course

United KingdomHydr0: rockstAr new reload

SwedenCrisLess: you canadians are stupid with your white flower on your flag

Canadarossko: i just went on google and typed: pierce my penis

Canada rockstAr: you son of a bitch
Germany stRay: u mother of an bITCH

Canada rockstAr: who was your ex again?
United States of America pAuZ: it was the dude with double D tits remember?

Canada Gimmix: how do i change who i'm following?
Canada rockstAr: it's a demo -.-

United States of America pAuZ: i've had plenty of conversations with gay guys

Finland Sample: rockstAr you are officially clean

Israel ^pala: i still have brains
Israel ^pala: unbelieve able

Canada rockstAr: coke, he's delusional. give him some morphine.
Chile coke: what? give him more beans?

Chile M@x: i told me than he said than he was going for main

Canada rockstAr: max, if you're parents are in another city, how the hell do you get food?
Chile M@x: ya.

Chile M@x: kyle, does this sententence make sense?

Belgium PlAyer: (pauses match) Oooh Fuck! A creepy spider!!

Canada rockstAr: max you're an idiot
Chile M@x: well you're a gumble!

Canada punkk: I'd kick your ass with one hand!


image: UHa94


Wocen ET Fall Awards: Most Blatant Player
Canadian Allstars Cup (Ontario 1)
Wocen 5v5 Grand Prix (canadian bacon with chile)

German Community ET-Challenge #2 (oxid)
evu.cup 6 Second League Grand Final (e-wave)
evu.cup 5 Second League Grand Final (e-wave)
zero.E 3on3 Cup season 30 (hiatus)
pinguu 3on3 Cup season 3 (siN Gaming)
S'agapo 5on5 Cup season 1 (siN Gaming)
siN 4on4 Knife Cup season 3 (Fleeting Thrust)
siN Night Cup season 4 (siN Gaming)
Defect 3on3 Cup season 2 (cLutch)
siN 4on4 Knife Cup season 1 (cLutch)
prOteK 3on3 Cup season 8 (cLutch)
dow 3on3 Cup season 2 (tCp)
dMA 3on3 Cup season 1 (tCp)
3on3 OpenCup Fall 2010 Grand Final (overload)

* played NC XIII playoffs in group (Team Canada)
* played EC XXI Groupstage (energy-wave)
* played EMS VI Groupstage (energy-wave)
* 5th EC XXII undefeated in group (energy-wave)
CPUIntel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.1GHz
MotherboardASUS Rampage III GENE
Memory4096MB RAM
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT 512MB
SoundSound Blaster X-FI
Operating SystemWindows 7 Ultimate 32bit
Monitorsyncmaster 21"
KeyboardLogitech G11
MouseRazer DeathAdder
MousepadSteelSeries QcK "Heavy"
HeadsetRazer Carcharias