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Netherlands : Circle of Trust
Netherlands Falcon (mecCi)
Netherlands stroopio
Netherlands aapje
Netherlands Moiz
Netherlands Sicurezza
Netherlands rush
Netherlands no.1
Netherlands mediacation
Netherlands imperium
Netherlands blackdeath
Netherlands xgh
Netherlands pilsem
Netherlands warlady

Netherlands Conker/Tiqua
Netherlands Jip
Netherlands MecreAx
Belgium Hyper/Mike
Belgium Nick_V

Belgium Rhand
Belgium 4th
Belgium falconneke
Belgium focus
Belgium p5y
Netherlands mecCi
Netherlands Diazz
Netherlands triflip
Netherlands frenky

And some random 3/4 week clans


Quote[19:02] FEiS :XD!: hoeso doe je zo dom op crossfire?
[19:02] MecreAx: ik doe niet dom
[19:02] FEiS :XD!: Nee ?
[19:02] MecreAx: nee
[19:02] MecreAx: jij overrate dik je skill....
[19:02] FEiS :XD!: ofc man jij pro zeker?
[19:03] FEiS :XD!: Kijk Jaroezen mensen zijn er ook he ;)
[19:03] MecreAx: jaroenzen...
[19:03] MecreAx: nee ik ben niet pro, en dan zeg ik ook niet
[19:03] FEiS :XD!: beter ook :)

QuoteSpray: yesterday I was in Italy on a concert
Spray: as you know they can't speak english
Spray: so when the concert ended
Spray: we started to shout we want more
Spray: they said "wi wa wo"

Quote[17:42] Holykrap'ETJ: Some guy sticks a jar in his ass, and the jar breaks, so hes bleeding like hell :o

Quote[8B] - Jere FiF was blasted by MecreAx's support fire
[8B] - Jere FiF: killing such a high player is really nice
[8B] - Jere FiF: :D
MecreAx: :D

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Trickjump movie


Fubr Cup 2v2 Autumn '07 with GeNiaal
UFF summercup 2007 with KKC
Fubr Cup 2v2 Autumn '08 with leetmix
CPUAMD Sempron(tm) Processor 2600+, MMX, 3DNow, ~1.6GHz
Memory1024 mb ram
Storage160 GB
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT
SoundRealtek AC97 Audio
Operating SystemWindows XP Professional
MonitorNEOVO 17" F-417 17" Black LCD
KeyboardSaitek Eclipse
MouseRazer Diamondback 3G
MousepadRazer Mantis Speed
HeadsetGenius headset HS-04