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Status: Becoming active
Position: Only Rifle

http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/si.gif[/img] sWat (Slovenian PowerHouse)]

IRC: #sWat.clan

golden tomb cup (lost against TWK)
CB ET summer cup

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http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/img] quAntocius]

IRC: #quAn.et

at Clanbase UK Ladder
4th at 13th ET-Cup

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http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/si.gif[/img] siquidem]


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http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/img] dFIANCE]

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Quote by wiseboy[15:48] <@[wiseBoy]> stari jest lacn ko svina a mt pa fotr prideta kuci k sta lavfala na smuceh...
[15:49] <@[wiseBoy]> pa pridem dol pa na mizi 350g tortelinov za 4 ljudi
[15:49] <@[wiseBoy]> stari bi jih zadavu
[15:49] <@[wiseBoy]> pol pa zabije: ja jutr grem pa še po nove smu&#269;ke
[15:49] <@[wiseBoy]> a picka materna hrano bo pa kdo kupu
[15:49] <@[wiseBoy]> jebemti socialo
[15:49] <@[wiseBoy]> res bom šu k strojanovim

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This year live POKER TOURNAMENT events:
12-02-2011 - 5. KŠK Poker Turnir - 5/55 players -
24-02-2011 - Poker turnir Casino Bled - 25/60 players -
12-03-2011 - 6. KŠK Poker Turnir - 13/50 players -
31-03-2011 - Poker turnir Casino Bled - 18/60 players -
16-04-2011 - 7. KŠK Poker Turnir - 15/40 players -
21-04-2011 - Poker turnir Casino Bled - 10/60 players -