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Playing ET since July 2004

Started playing ET because an irl friend of mine was (and is) an addict of the game..
He was playing a lot and he convinced me 2 start playing ET as well ..

So from july till december i went pubbing with Orange (iMM back then) and freelanced as merc in a lot of clan, untill i got 2 the point i am in now..Way 2 busy 4 school:/

Because of my "no-time problem" i'm playing 4 Fraggers Anonymous (FA) atm. A bunch of crazy people from different country's in europe. It's a "new" clan and as long as i don't have time 2 train my skills i like playing with them and have fun @ the same time..

Well, that's enough info 4 now..
Hope 2 see u all around...

Btw. Watch your deadcount go up by:
Gold*MooN aka.
[MooN] aka.
-FA-MooN aka.

ps. #clan-fa.et


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