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Has attended an ET LAN event


ET Player since December 2003

Enemy territory's Current 6on6 team:

Currently not playing

Enemy territory's Clan history:

Anonymous Sun ( C )
Anonymous Switch
Anonymous blackji
Anonymous Adz
Anonymous Chasseur
Anonymous Dadoo
Anonymous Nakata
Anonymous Metc
Anonymous Hope

Switzerland Aquila ( C )
Switzerland Adz
Netherlands hybrAtek
Austria jaSoN
Belgium vyPer
Japan Nakata

Belgium rasloV ( C )
Belgium Gr1m
Belgium Karre
Belgium Kevin
Switzerland Adz
Germany Kuraigu

France okko ( C )
France hazde
France smirzzzz
France fra
France mirage
Netherlands sAntj
Netherlands motif
Netherlands bizzy
Netherlands tele
Netherlands Xzz
Finland clouver
Finland Spirea
Poland lesti
Poland Kento
Switzerland Adz
Germany scatman
Slovenia pkiss
Hungary Karrde

Slovenia sacr ( C )
Russia VoDka
Russia Slaw
Switzerland Adz
Czech Republic surreal
Portugal neves

Finland Goody ( C )
Finland ErAkko
Finland Luu
Switzerland Adz
Poland Rage
Poland Aksil

Poland ZiLLA ( C )
Netherlands Infernal
Netherlands sQuinn
Switzerland Adz
United Kingdom Cupper
Spain bTC

Poland Kwilos ( C )
Poland szuwar
Poland reAlity
Poland arab
Poland volum3
Switzerland Adz

Netherlands eroKs ( C )
Italy Immortal
Switzerland Adz
Belgium fstrm
Belgium pr1ck
Germany st33l

Netherlands rEAL ( C )
Netherlands PaAtnok
Poland Poiussino
Switzerland Adz
Spain M1st3r
Spain metal

France f3nris ( C )
France Volca
France LoLO
France jAu
France Narco
France Gast
Switzerland Adz

Switzerland Adz ( C )
Switzerland Magnum
France iMac
France ewAz
France evL
Belgium Tico
Poland voiler

LAN's I played:

Switzerland PolyLAN Season 6 ( 05 - 06 november 2005 )
Switzerland PolyLAN Season 7 ( 25 - 26 mars 2006 )
Switzerland PolyLAN Season 8 ( 14 - 15 november 2006 )
Switzerland PolyLAN Season 9 ( 14 - 15 april 2007 )
Switzerland PolyLAN Season 10 ( 10 - 11 november 2007 )

Portugal iPower Games ( 26 - 28 july 2007 )


Adz @ #team-switzerland.et

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France Dream Cup Season 1 with eSport logic
France Boulards Cup Season 4 with Catharsis Bullet Zealot
France CFET 6on6 Season 5 with Syncro Team
Russia Russian Cup Season 1 with Divine Intervention
Europe ESL Summer Cup Div.2 with eSport logic
Europe 1day-cup 3on3 insecure with dECLINE
Europe 1day-cup 6on6 vodka with DoubleStar mix
Europe 1day-cup 6on6 chupa with eSport logic

Played France CFET Season 3 with eSport logic
Played France CFET Season 4 with Catharsis Bullet Zealot
Played Europe OC Second League 2008 with Team massacre
Played Europe ESL 6on6 ladder with eSport logic
Played Europe ESL 1on1 ladder during 12 months
CPUIntel Quad Core I5-750 2.66GHz
MotherboardAsus P7P55D-E
Memory12 Go
StorageWestern Sata3 640Gb
GraphicsASUS HD 7850 2Go
SoundSound Blaster X-FI 7.1
Operating SystemWindows 7
MonitorBenQ 22"
KeyboardLogitech G15
MouseLogitech G502
MousepadQPAD CT Large 4mm
HeadsetLogitech G35
ConnectionFibre 200'000 kbps