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Quotesieht so aus als wenn du neidisch wärst dass du raziel nich kennst, btw weisst du überhaupt wer das is?

if not download the movies:

iratus 2
a day in the matrix
aiming by raziel



Quotekiss on 21/10/07, 15:14:26 GMT

mmf is the cleanest clan in this EC without any doubt tbh


Quote haste on 21/10/07, 00:46:17 GMT

have watched all the avis in this thread and honestly can't see what the fuss is about.. either everyone's expectations for an aimbot has lowered lately due to the increase of them, or that is the worst aimbot i've seen.

that said i haven't seen him play before and the class switching is a little weird, but other than that, just some decent shooting and that's it :l

Quote Klapp on 21/10/07, 11:09:55 GMT

hax? but you can aim like this no p. dont know how his skill was before. and z adjusting shit whine. ppl do this all z time light a cigarete take a drink.

Quote fuxor on 21/10/07, 11:28:47 GMT

after watching it few times i have noticed that u r stupid. In most of actions he could hear the enmy or shoot their back so headshots are easy in that way. Also at the beggining with gr actions when he shoot the guy near boxes through wall its easy because ifhe known he was staying there on previous actiosn he can preshoot him this action too. i would do that myself too. and u didnt notice that during whole game he was using program called ventrillo which allows his mates to tell him where is the enemy and give infos. (for example with objective on frost, he could hear objective taken and info he is going service) so its easy that he went there are shoot the obj man) just dont think negative and positive. watch once again and u will see its lott+comms+expirience, easy.

Quote sexyhot on 21/10/07, 15:03:47 GMT

the only thing i see here is cortana as a bad loosers..

-u lost on gr coz tornis got 3 of u full with a mine.
-u lost frost coz u saw an airstrike from kenta in your eyes, and he had 4 man kill.

so dont try to get a win like this, coz he didnt play great in the match like maus that does the whole job. u can check kills and damage from both maps. bah... stupid avis.

Quote ToX on 21/10/07, 15:40:51 GMT

who are u guys kidding... he is just a really lucky player. i get lucky 20 times in 1 match all the time, everyone gets lucky that amount in 1 match, its natural u know. Everyone also stands still for 5 secs after changing class... i mean, i get an itch reaching for my bind so obviously i itch it then........

(u better see what i just did here else u are retarded)


QuoteBye Bye Community (believe me i'm gone this time).


Quote PoT on 30/12/07, 17:21:35 PM | Reply

ive noticed all u fukin little geeks, hackers and ex hackers need a good fukin uppercut. i mean it seems to me all the soft little fukin 2 stone kiddies eg. perfo,meez, etc.... dont get any respect in real life, so they feel the need to cheat over a pc to gain some cyber respect,lolz fukin dicks. id love to be locked in a room with half of u little fannys on her, id rip your fukin ears off and stick my cock in your gob. u twats need to start giving some of your elders some respect



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I flame flamers.