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Clanbase Opencup Fall 2007 2nd league
Clanbase Opencup Fall 2008 5th league
Estonian ET Oscars 2008 Best Soldier
Clanbase Summerucp 2007 3rd league
Synter 6o6 cup
iKs.et 6o6 cup
Clanbase 3v3 Opencup 2008 Fall Fourth League
iKs minicup 3v3
Estonian ET Oscars 2008 Best Covert
Replay Onedaycup #7
Replay Onedaycup #8


Quotes :

(22:16:00) (@krts-TrgT) |flaSh I have a joke for you
(22:16:06) (@krts-RoxaH) oh no
(22:16:15) (@krts-RoxaH) let me quess 2 tieten in een envelop?
(22:16:18) (@krts-TrgT) 2 boobs in one envelope

<wl|Zeku> sina oled türa mg

<TheDuck> Oh my god, Flash @ mg42, alrite everyone else forfeit, there is no sense in playing against them...

<TanQ> well its not bad its perfect imo flash with mg is like winghaven with panza :D

<masculine [ensam]> crazy mg

<le batong EIFFEL-BATONG> no you are just dicks heads except flash who owns

<one4one|c3nty> btw u owns mate ;)


Awesome rewards :

Posted an epic picture and made 27 people lolipop
I was able to quit ET for a couple of months
mAus visited my profilepage on crossfire
Made three 3-man panzers in a row against oceans6
snoop visited my profilepage on crossfire
sol deleted one of my journals
Squall was the 500th visitor on my profilepage on crossfire
Memory1 gb
SoundTrust soundcard
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows Xp Professional
MouseRazer Deathadder
MousepadQpad XXXL
Connection4mb down / 1mb up