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Current clan:

Team NO(Rank 29th Ga Ladder) W:ET]

Australia Saibdol_r(Zonji)
Australia Andy
Australia Daft
Australia Duck
Australia Jacob
Australia Punk
Australia Progrock


SubVersion Gaming(Rank 32 On GA Ladder)/b] W:ET]

Australia Zonji
Australia Cretin
Australia DimSim
Australia Drunky
Australia Frier
Australia Hornet
Australia Lakai
Australia LambofGod
Australia Lowe.Life.Killer
Australia Ripnroll
Australia Special5
Australia T0ng@
Australia Venture

Downers Of Agasha/Death On Arrival(Rank 6th on GA Ladder Now deleted) W:ET]

Australia Drunky
Australia Lakai
Australia Lowe.Life.Killer
Australia PedroAlonso
Australia Rage
Australia RipnRoll
Australia Spectre
Australia Tonga
Australia Vamped
Australia Venture
Australia Zonji

Mortal Kombat(Rank 5th GA Ladder) W:ET]

Australia Touchme
Australia Andz
Australia bargainCage
Australia Butters
Australia Hexed
Australia hotimpi
Australia Kano
Australia Lacon
Australia Rampant
Australia Skruffy
Australia Stompy
Australia Streets
Australia Zonji

Modus/9 Minute Men(Rank 38th GA Ladder) W:ET]

Australia Zonji
Australia Bendover
Australia Benny
Australia Elmo
Australia oooooooomer
Australia Powda
Australia Pyr0o
Australia Raiden
Australia Souljah
Australia WoMD
Australia Xpr


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Many great things will come.

5th in Enemy territory Competition Season 11[mK]
Operating SystemWindows Xp
Monitor22" CHIMEI
KeyboardLogitech - Getting Razer one
MouseRazer DeathAdder
MousepadRazer Mantis Control
HeadsetRazer Piranna