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Current clan:

Team NO(Rank 29th Ga Ladder) W:ET]

Australia Saibdol_r(Zonji)
Australia Andy
Australia Daft
Australia Duck
Australia Jacob
Australia Punk
Australia Progrock


SubVersion Gaming(Rank 32 On GA Ladder)/b] W:ET]

Australia Zonji
Australia Cretin
Australia DimSim
Australia Drunky
Australia Frier
Australia Hornet
Australia Lakai
Australia LambofGod
Australia Lowe.Life.Killer
Australia Ripnroll
Australia Special5
Australia T0ng@
Australia Venture

Downers Of Agasha/Death On Arrival(Rank 6th on GA Ladder Now deleted) W:ET]

Australia Drunky
Australia Lakai
Australia Lowe.Life.Killer
Australia PedroAlonso
Australia Rage
Australia RipnRoll
Australia Spectre
Australia Tonga
Australia Vamped
Australia Venture
Australia Zonji

Mortal Kombat(Rank 5th GA Ladder) W:ET]

Australia Touchme
Australia Andz
Australia bargainCage
Australia Butters
Australia Hexed
Australia hotimpi
Australia Kano
Australia Lacon
Australia Rampant
Australia Skruffy
Australia Stompy
Australia Streets
Australia Zonji

Modus/9 Minute Men(Rank 38th GA Ladder) W:ET]

Australia Zonji
Australia Bendover
Australia Benny
Australia Elmo
Australia oooooooomer
Australia Powda
Australia Pyr0o
Australia Raiden
Australia Souljah
Australia WoMD
Australia Xpr


Many great things will come.

5th in Enemy territory Competition Season 11[mK]
Operating SystemWindows Xp
Monitor22" CHIMEI
KeyboardLogitech - Getting Razer one
MouseRazer DeathAdder
MousepadRazer Mantis Control
HeadsetRazer Piranna