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Bonus achievement:
Made wittiest comment ever on xfire

CB cup supervisor:
- ET OC 3v3 Fall 2005
- ET EC Spring 2006
- ET 5v5 Summercup 2006
- ET EC Fall 2006
- ET OC 3v3 Spring 2007
- ET EC Spring 2007
- ET EC Fall 2007

Gamestv.org coverage coordinater (2005-2008)

LAN Admin:
- QuakeCon 2005 ET co-supervisor
- shgOpen 2007 ET head admin
- Crossfire Prizefight Challenge 1 ET head admin
- Crossfire Prizefight Challenge 2 ET head admin
- Crossfire Devotii Challenge 3 tournament director
- Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4 tournament director
- Crossfire Challenge 5 tournament director
- Crossfire Challenge 6 tournament director
- Crossfire Intel Challenge 7 tournament director

#oChaos #gamestv.org

United Kingdom
May 2010 - present

United Kingdom unblind
United Kingdom rAzbo
United Kingdom Owzo
Netherlands Xo
United Kingdom Adacore

United Kingdom
Mar 2008 - Apr 2008

United Kingdom Splodge
United Kingdom Pansy
United Kingdom Munchies
United Kingdom Azimiz
United Kingdom Adacore
Spain Jizz
United Kingdom Bulld0g
United Kingdom Bidy

Aug 2007 - Sep 2007

Estonia Night
Sweden feruS
Estonia Holz
Estonia r3vers
Malta toxic
Netherlands tekoa
Finland Xpaz
United Kingdom Adacore
Finland Squall

Apr 2007 - Jul 2007

Malta toxic
Germany Snoop
Italy XyLoS
United Kingdom Razz
Netherlands Azatej
United Kingdom Adacore
Germany Butchji

Netherlands perfo
United Kingdom Sqzz

Europe (#3)[/i]]
Jul 2006 - Sep 2006 (6v6), Mar 2007 - May 2007 (3v3)

United Kingdom Adacore
Sweden HellGoat
Israel LION
Sweden Imbi
Czech Republic Butch
Czech Republic marv
Malta toxic
Hungary phobeus
Germany swine

Mar 2006-Jun 2006

Germany hAse
United Kingdom Adacore
Germany tropfen
Poland sinuss
Slovenia m1ke
Slovenia meth
Luxembourg kyp
Belgium Kaiser

United Kingdom (#2)[/i]]
Apr 2005-May 2005, Oct 2005-Jan 2006

United Kingdom Adacore
United Kingdom Slippy
United Kingdom Vapour
Israel LION
Denmark Spit
Ireland Nitro
United Kingdom stvn
Ireland Herbal
United Kingdom DocHoliday
Netherlands Dutchie
Netherlands Nozzeh

United Kingdom
Sep 2004-Apr 2005

United Kingdom rG
United Kingdom slippy
United Kingdom vapour
United Kingdom Adacore
United Kingdom Stun
Australia pDok
United Kingdom Legend
Israel LION
United Kingdom sqzz
Ireland Nitro
Denmark Spit

United Kingdom (#1)[/i]]
Apr 2004-Aug 2004

Australia pDok
United Kingdom slippy
United Kingdom Adacore
Denmark Spit
Netherlands Shartar
Netherlands Ghani
Netherlands Thrillseeka
Germany Django
Netherlands DiStefano
United Kingdom PuCycat


NationsCup VIII with Team UK
GET-Cup 6 with oChaos
1day-3v3cup v3 with oChaos (April 07)
#1day 3v3 cup v3 with lolicon (June 07)
ET-Cup 26 with evolve
CDC3 with SRP
Invictus 5v5 cup with The ZOO (July 10)

Voted player of the match on Mashed's shoutcast of evolve vs impact (July 07)
CPUIntel i7 920 2.66GHz
MotherboardASUS P6T
Memory6GB DDR3
Storage2x160GB Maxtor HDD, 40GB Intel SSD
GraphicsXFX nVidia GTX 260
SoundIntegrated HD 7.1
Operating SystemWin 7
Monitor19" Salami SauSages 931BW
KeyboardLogitech Internet Keyboard
MouseLogitech MX500
MousepadIcemat 2nd Ed
HeadsetCreative Wireless Gaming Headset
Connection20 Mbit cable