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My ftp server - http://one.xthost.info/misc/ [/i]

¬Current Clan:[/u][/i]
***INACTIVE*** ]

¬Ex Clans:[/u][/i]

AlterEgo @ UniversalSoldiers]

image: index

image: won ¬ pius
image: won ¬ despero
image: won ¬ mojo
image: won ¬ boja
image: won ¬ worm
image: won ¬ sajmon
image: won ¬ misc

neVerminds @ UCP Gaming]

image: esllogohe3

Current Line up:[/i][/u]

image: won ¬ pius
image: won ¬ despero
image: won ¬ misc
image: won ¬ sw1ruz
image: won ¬ przemus
image: won ¬ wssquad
image: won ¬ worm
image: won ¬ absit


image: draw ¬ bullet
image: draw ¬ celon
image: draw ¬ furman
image: draw ¬ fuxor
image: draw ¬ cisy
image: draw ¬ bravo
image: draw ¬ pippo
image: draw ¬ cinek
image: draw ¬ cursed
image: draw ¬ crash
image: draw ¬ elviss
image: draw ¬ jaguar
image: draw ¬ raiven
image: draw ¬ jurgen
image: draw ¬ mrk
image: draw ¬ viruz

Smurfs]Line up:

image: lost ¬ Brainy
image: lost ¬ Smurfette
image: lost ¬ hArmonYy
image: lost ¬ Hafty
image: lost ¬ Greedy

Authentic. old]Line up:

image: lost ¬ saqu
image: lost ¬ krolik
image: lost ¬ author
image: lost ¬ riseje
image: lost ¬ n00n
image: lost ¬ misc
image: lost ¬ Tan-ghil

Druzyna 13th]Line up:

image: lost ¬ wron
image: lost ¬ wilku
image: lost ¬ wzz
image: lost ¬ ronin
image: lost ¬ kosik
image: lost ¬ ptaku
image: lost ¬ misc
image: lost ¬ olej
image: lost ¬ MXM
image: lost ¬ tlen
image: lost ¬ iKe

¬ I'm also known as :[/u]

image: won ¬ nApalona16stka
image: won ¬ m1sc`u
image: draw ¬ hARMONYy
image: draw ¬ lenivietZ
image: lost ¬ misiunia
image: lost ¬ <3

Woody and Sweety <3
image: woody
image: sweety

Sweety <3
image: sweety2

image: labels=1

image: misc1991

image: counter


Skyrocket 1day 3on3 cup with Smurfs
MiniCup 6on6 with neVerminds
5on5 clanbase ladder
5-8 ucp LAN GGT Feb'2008 ucp maskot :D
Enemy Territory Stopwatch 3on3 Poland ladder with nVm
ETCup IV 6on6 with neVerminds
reLic-cup #18 (UCP - misc , tomo + terror)
3years without cheat :'>
10th place in TM Nations with time 0:27:34 (Pius was 11th with time 0:27:35 (what a lame (u can msg him with jokes about this incident)))
CPUAMD Sempron Processor 3100+
Storage2x 40GB
GraphicsRadeon 9550 Professional
Operating System-
MonitorMedion Flat Screen 17"
MouseRazer Diamondback
MousepadSteelPad Qck+ SteelSeries
HeadsetEasy Touch