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There's 2 things you need to minimize or even eliminate PB lags,
Run ET in high priority and adjust some pb_ cvars. Now I'll show
you how to make a shortcut of ETpro that will automaticly run
ET in high priority without the hassle of changing it in the task
manager. Also How to set pb_ cvars without having to do it each
time you join a server.

addition: use imagecfg or any other dual core programm to set pb to core 1 and ET to core 0. The pb services affinity can't be set in the taskmanager so you need to use a programm that sets them automatically on startup.

Making the .bat

1). Richt-click on an empty space in your ET folder and create a new .txt file.

2). Rename the file to ETPro.bat

3). Right-click on it and click edit. An empty text window will appear.

4). Fill in these lines, modify ET directory to your installation path.

Quote@echo off
cd/d "C:\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory
start/high ET.exe +set fs_game ETpro

5). Right-click/create shortcut and place to your liking.

To get the ET symbol on the shortcut:

Right-click / Properties / Shortcut tab / Change symbol / Browse for ET.exe

Adjusting pb_ cvars

Connect to a PB secured ET server, open the console and type:

pb_sleep 500

pb_security 0




If you didn't know...

Custom Crosshair color

Yes it is possible, all you need is a Hex color code and the
knowledge how to use it, it's quite simple.

1). Choose a color you like from here:


2). Add cg_crosshaircolor "0x before the code.

cg_crosshaircolor "0x00ffcc"


Here's a useful guide that will help you optimize your
connection for gaming and other things such as peer2peer.



There's a few ways to setup your mouse
to make sure that it's working properly.
I'm going to show you my take on how to
set it up so that it isn't bugged and you
can go on and actually enjoy playing ET.

First of all you're going to need a few progs.

usbport.sys (From sp2, pm me if you need it)
Usbmrs11.exe, alternativly hidusbf which only polls the mouse!


Boot into safe-mode (press f8 after bios,
or reset your computer when its on the
windows loading screen)

put the usbport.sys in


and reboot.

Now open the usbport you just patched
and click on properties. There should be
something saying that this is from another
computer so you'll just need to allow it.

reboot again. Now you can apply all your
fixes just like in sp2.

1). Disabling WFP


The reason for this is simple, WFP aka
"Windows file protection" protects files
and automaticly overwrites them making
some progs not function correctly which
gives you a strange mouse feeling.

2). Applying fixes

Boot into safemode, start\run msconfig...

Once in Safemode go into c:\windows\
and press ctrl+f to open up a search window.
Now look for usbport.sys and replace each one
with the sp2 usbport.sys

boot back into Safemode

Apply accelfix.exe

boot back into Safemode

Apply HZ using usbmrs11.exe/hidusbf (250/500)

boot back into Safemode

Apply Mousefix.reg

boot back NORMALLY

That's basically it, your mouse should feel
alot better on desktop and ingame and you
should be able to aim again, if your not a
total noob ofc :P


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