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Quote[01:17] <miAmi`GrB> I started my work monday
[01:17] <miAmi`GrB> 9am till 4pm
[01:17] <sIN`pAuZ> watcha doin?
[01:17] <miAmi`GrB> kidergarten
[01:17] <miAmi`GrB> Xd
[01:17] <sIN`pAuZ> what do u do there?
[01:18] <miAmi`GrB> watch the children, play with them, put them to sleep, help them put clothes on
[01:18] <miAmi`GrB> its my job -,-
[01:18] <miAmi`GrB> to be a phedophile
[01:18] <miAmi`GrB> xD

Quote by Williamslow the spam funny how the onces that do are shit!


QuoteCanada rockstAr: i nearly killed my sister in the car ride home last night.
United States of America pAuZe: what did you do...?
Canada rockstAr: i farted

QuoteLithuania revee: my balls smell like pickles

QuoteCanada rockstAr: just admitted i was gay

Quote`casek: Then get some " drugs " put it on a glass with watter and fuck her
`casek: in a lovely way

Quoterevee: i became kind of a girl to dicks

huge shoutout to Catalonia uniqee for helping me pass my spanish class!


siN.Knife cup v.3
S'agapo #plasa-et 5o5 cup
pinguu 3v3 cup v3
1st United States of America etplayer @ crossfire lan event
Wocen ET Fall Awards: Runner-up for most blatant player!

played eurocup XXI with Germany e-WAVE

Germany e-WAVE

United States of America pAuZe (c)
Canada rockstAr
Canada rossko
Canada anim
Netherlands hybrAtek

Belgium Prydz
CPUIntel i7 Q740, 1.73 ghz @ 6mb cache
Memory4 gb
Storage550 gb
Graphicsnvidia GTX 460M @ 1.5 gb
Soundrealtek hd
Operating Systemwindows 7 - 64 bit
Monitorsyncmaster 2233RZ @ 120 hz
Keyboardlogitech g15
Mouseg500 400dpi 1000 polling rate, 3.3 ingame sens
Mousepadqck heavy
Headsetrazer carcharias
Connectioncomcast 32 mb