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Ranks & Awards with eXplosive:

CS 1.6:
-Top8 CPL Turkey 2004(Instambul, Turkey)
-Top16 ESWC Grand Final 2004 (Pouttie, France)
-2nd place Territory of Six Nations 2004 (Moscow, Russia)
-4th place Cyber Blizzard 2004 (Moscow, Russia)
-Top8 ASUS Winter Open Cup 2004 (Moscow, Russia)
-1st place C-Club Open Cup2004 (Kiev, Ukraine)
-1st place Trinity Lan-Party 2004 (Kiev, Ukraine)
-1st place ESWC2004 Grand Final Ukraine Qual(Kiev, Ukraine)
-5-6th place WCG 2004 Ukraine Qualifiers (Kyiv, Ukraine)
-3rd place ASUS Kiev Qualifiers 2004 (Kiev, Ukraine
-4th place DTC 2004 (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
-3rd palce WCG 2003 Simpheropol Qualifier (Simpheropol, Ukraine)
-4th place Third season KCL CS 2004 (Kiev, Ukraine)
-1st place Mouse Open Cup 2004 (Vinniza, Ukraine)
-3rd place ASUS Kiev Qualifiers 2004 (Kiev, Ukraine)
-Top6 ASUS Autumn Open Cup 2005 (Moscow, Russia)
-Top3 VoodooCup#2, #3 (Minsk, Belarus)
-1st place The C-club Reloaded (Lvov, Ukraine)
-1st place Kyiv Cyber League #5 (Kyiv, Ukraine)
-2nd place ESWC UA Qualifier (Kyiv, Ukraine)
-3rd place WCG 2006 Qualifier (Kyiv, Ukraine)
-3rd place Perpm Period Russia (Perm, Russia)
-4th place ASUS SUMMER FINAL (Moscow, Russia)
-1st place Planet-X Lanparty (Kyiv, Ukraine)
-6th place Cyber Blizzard 2005 (Moscow, Russia)
-6th place GIGA-GAMES 2006 SPRING (Moscow, Russia)
-1st place DTS SUMMER CUP (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
-1st place Logitech September LAN Party (Kyiv, Ukraine)
-3rd place Cyfromania 2006 (Kyiv, Ukraine)
-2nd place Chatrix Tourney $3000 (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
-1st place Logitech incybersport LEAGUE #1(Kyiv, Ukraine)
-5th place GIGA-GAMES 2006 AUTUMN (Kyiv, Ukraine)
-Rank #2 in Ukrainian Top 15
-5th place ASUS WINTER 2006 (Moscow, Russia)
-1st place LKI Cup Winter 2007 (Donetsk, Ukraine)
-5th place DTS Cup Spring 2007 (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
-3rd place ESWC UA 2007 (Ukraine)
-3rd place UACAP Cup 2007 (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
-1st place WCG UA Kyiv Qualifiers 2007
-5-8 place WCG UA Final 2007 (Ukraine)
-2nd place ASUS'07 Summer Cup UA Qualifiers (Kyiv, Ukraine)
-3rd place ASUS'07 Summer Cup Moscow Final (Moscow, Russia)
-3rd place Intel National CyberSport League 2007 (Donetsk, Ukraine)
-Top 16 Intel Challenge Cup 2007 (Moscow, Russia)
-2nd place SKY National League 2007 (Ukraine)
-2nd place Campus ESL Open Cup 2007 (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
-3rd place Extreme Masters UA Quals. (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)

Quake IV:
-2nd place ASUS Cup Autumn 2005 Quake 4
-2nd place CyberBlizzard 2005 Quake 4
-2nd place ASUS Cup Winter 2006 Quake 4
-3rd place GigaGames Spring 2006 Quake 4
-1st place ESWC 2006 Ukraine Quake 4
-3rd place in grope stage ESWC 2006 Quake 4
-2nd place ASUS Cup Summer 2006 Quake 4
-13th place WSVG London Quake 4
-1st place GigaGames Autumn 2006 Quake 4
-1st place ESWC 2007 Ukraibe Quake 4
-2nd place ESDC Open Quake 4
-3rd place ASUS Cup Spring 2007 (quake3 masters)
-7-8 place ESWC 2007 Quake 4
-1st place ASUS Cup Summer 2007

CoD 2:
-3rd place First UA COD 2 Lan
-2nd place Ukranian Online League
-2nd place CoD2 LanParty Kyiv
-2nd place "Do not allow a flag to fall!" Cup
-1st place Ukrainian Online League #2
-2nd place Campus 3x3 Cup (lan)2007
-Qulified to ESL EMS League

CoD 4:
-1st place First UA CoD4 LanCup (Kyiv, Ukraine)
CPU2 Ghz
Memory512 DDR
StorageSamsung 40 GB
GraphicsATI Radeon 9500 64mb
SoundCreative Audigy II Gold
Operating SystemWindows Professional
MonitorSamsung SyncMaster 763mb
MouseRazer DiamondBack 1600
MousepadSteelPad SS
HeadsetSteelSound 5H v.1