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group phase @ EGU2009 Lan with dECLINE

OC 3v3 4 Division with idem
@2v2 ESL Ladder (01.10.09)
OC 6v6 3 Division with idem
omg lan proof omg
have own bust(?)-avi www.crossfire.nu/?x=forum&mode=item&id=16350
CB 3on3 PL Ladder with idem
OC 6v6 5 Division with BM
ESL Pre-Relegation with idem
Gamebite 3on3 Cup with MAFIJA(idem)
6on6 Noworoczny Cup ESL with BM @ Heroes come Back
New Year 3on3 Cup with 8BITS
Coldfire Vengeance Cup III 6v6 with etweb.pl
4th Place in 3on3 Instant Winter Cup ESL with BM @ 8BITS

many ,,@one day cups with LAMES,nKrom and others