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Ktics ( Kinetics e.V )]

Netherlands rapala
Netherlands kOEKJE
Netherlands Bassie
Netherlands sKy
Belgium RdGhSt
Netherlands Tomas
France Mirageji
Germany Presscot

paNd ( Pandora-Gaming )]

Netherlands apace
Netherlands nevzat
Turkey TanQ
Netherlands sKy
Germany keta
Germany freddie
France Mirageji
France Wizar
Germany m4D

Ex clans:
TeamF* ( Team Fortuna ) 2004/2005]
Netherlands Sainted
Netherlands Ness
Sweden Revolution
Netherlands eban
Belgium DarkminD
Netherlands wesQ
Netherlands Stickie
Netherlands rookie
Netherlands Sily

T4Ce. ( Thunder Force ) 2007/2008]

Netherlands rapala
Netherlands sKy
France Mirageji
Netherlands genji
Netherlands TwA
France okko


CB 2-2 Europe With T4Ce.eu : 2008
CB 3-3 Europe With T4Ce.eu : 2008

1 Day cups
xtreamLg 3v3 cup v2 With Kinetics e.V : 18-02-09
CPU>«»< AMD 64x 5000+ x2 «
Memory>«»< 2x Nanja Elixir 1024 MB DDR2/800Dimm «
Storage>«»< Maxtor 250 GB SATA U150 7200RPM 16mb «
Graphics>«»< AtiSaphire x1950 pro 256 mb «
Sound>«»< Normal? «
Operating System>«»< Windows Vista home premium «
Monitor>«»< Syncmaster 940nw «
Keyboard>«»< Microsoft «
Mouse>«»< Logitech g5 «
Mousepad>«»< Steelseries 4D «
Headset>«»< Sennheiser «
Connection>«»< Radar! «