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image: rasta
Netherlands psY|rbnt veXo
Netherlands psY|levi veXo
Finland psY|auron veXo
United Kingdom psY|Vi$oRe veXo
Finland psY|notaari veXo
Netherlands psY|sloth veXo
Finland psY|besche veXo
Netherlands psY|mytho veXo

Netherlands Anox BANGELIJK!
Netherlands echo BANGELIJK!
Netherlands fets BANGELIJK!
Belgium jetro BANGELIJK!
Belgium sile BANGELIJK!
Netherlands hkrep BANGELIJK!
Netherlands LavOd BANGELIJK!
Netherlands stx BANGELIJK!
Netherlands Hope BANGELIJK!
Netherlands horu$ BANGELIJK!
Netherlands jor BANGELIJK!

Norway xplicit ViZion
Norway xplicit dizA
Norway xplicit Linezii
Norway xplicit Stinger
Norway xplicit pr0mo
Belgium xplicit fostruM
Netherlands xplicit jor

Finland shaisse|auron
Finland shaisse|Santtu/Mrm
Finland shaisse|kmble
Finland shaisse|Jacker
Netherlands shaisse|jor

Kotsen is Voor echte Mannen]
image: kots
Netherlands KiVeM fets [stef]
Netherlands KiVeM perfo [jasper]
Belgium KiVeM jetro [sander]
Norway KiVeM dizA [simen]
Norway KiVeM ViZion [lasse]
Netherlands KiVeM jor [jochgem]
image: kots

image: mushroom2sc5kb0image: mushroom2sc5kb0image: mushroom2sc5kb0
/Quit ET, ciao (K)


ESL 3o3 fall 2006 with bangelijk.
3rd division 6o6 Springcup 2006 with fdnl/bangelijk.
Warleagues Charlie season XI with Mindcage'RazoR (RtCW)
1Day-Cup 8 with bangelijk.

I once pummeld Netherlands fnatic.Vo0 in Quake 4.
I once knifed Estonia idle^Night.
Netherlands Perfo said I could easily play EC, but I think he was just giving me compliments to get in my pants. :$

That's about it...