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GamersCall (Offline)
Founder and Editor of GamersCall since March 2010

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TheGathering (Offline)
Member and Admin of TheGathering since May 2007.

TheGathering over the years
(C) = Team Captain at some point.

Sweden Zymon (C)
United Kingdom Goatherder(C)
United Kingdom Raedwulf (C)
Norway Rivjee (C)
Slovenia Shockwave (C)
United Kingdom Recoil (C)
Sweden Cupcake
Sweden Crisless
Scotland Hard
United Kingdom Zee
Netherlands Carpet
Austria DonMatthias
Estonia Eagle
United Kingdom Artstar
Ireland Superchunk
Poland Rain
United Kingdom Snipey
Canada Rossko
Czech Republic Muflon
Netherlands Solar
Scotland Keando
Netherlands Dezire
Sweden Ehnen
Norway Gruble
United Kingdom Contarnos
United Kingdom Panic
Scotland Kilty
Netherlands Fish
United Kingdom Hangman
United Kingdom Reviloz
United Kingdom Smurftang
United Kingdom Raedwulf
Norway Corrupted
United Kingdom Sk3l
Finland AngelDust
Poland Vlt
Finland WingMan
United Kingdom Kaos

~ The one who said that; "It's not about whether you win or lose that counts," probably lost.


# Got called "hacker" on a public server
# Almost having won an official

I've been playing ET since the summer of 2007 and have during that time had the role as team captain and admin in two organizations:

United Kingdom The Gathering
Sweden ORDER Gaming.