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omfg what a fucking old profile


FinlandJahe my boyfriend... uhm.. no, husband and father of my child. :DD ;p I love you :*
Finlandamgg my broooo with soft kissy lips xD :o
FinlandJiPp0 my other broooo, pro in giving massages :o
Finlandnmkrj late-night nörtti
FinlandPamppa late-night nörtti, yes no?
FinlandSwanidius doesn't need to get carried by girls
FinlandBlindi owes me MINT LIQUOR (in a hot chocolate) and a proper snowfight with non-icy snow (next winter when I am back in finland? :P)
FinlandSebastian narcistic bastard with inflated ego
FinlandSpirea ex-idol
Finlandweedy the one and only <3 :))
FinlandJarZa part of my crew <3333
NorwayLakaii miss you and your personal questions :(
Germanybutchji :)
Czech RepublicGreen_Clon great mate <333
United KingdomYCN`Marcus love ya :* e-friend :)

to be continued!

Swedeniiky lass dir drücken :x
NetherlandsKiim I love you <3
Portugalpunkyy cutest LoL mate
United States of AmericaazuKi coolest NC captain ever <3
PolandQueen unvergessen meine Bitch <3
Germanyannajr Lebensretterin <3
GreecePlaymate Hasi :o

to be continued :D
[/hide]image: catsniper3[/center]]

<Loekino> maybe hes mad? because he got banned for being banned
<Evilynn> i am going to sleep SOON
<Evilynn> (that does not mean it is in the next 10 mins)
<[4K^Winghaven]> LOOL
<[4K^Winghaven]> yeye
<[4K^Winghaven]> going to bed!
<[4K^Winghaven]> evi^^sleep
<[4K^Winghaven]> eviûbersleepAFKOMGWTFIMUBERAFK
<[4K^Winghaven]> then you asnwer
<[4K^Winghaven]> ¬¬
MrDontquoteme: du musst dir wow runterladen
MrDontquoteme: will dich da heiraten
MrDontquoteme: ^^
(on vent)
Sheep: Oh Evilynn, we can trade pictures! One pic of my chest for one pic of ur chest!
Evilynn: No!
Sheep: We can trade them like pokemon cards!
svEn, LAN: i am at lan btw^^
Evilynn: yea i can see it in ur name ^^
[12:43] <+GUESSWHOIAM> Btw, I am free to use my right hand to write with again!
[12:43] <@Evilynn> :o ? what was wrong with it?
[12:43] <+GUESSWHOIAM> nothing
[12:43] <+GUESSWHOIAM> i was playing @ gameboy
[18:29] <Evi`afk> we got bashed basically
[18:29] <Evi`afk> :P
[18:30] <nebu`mushiii> ye xD
[18:30] <nebu`mushiii> but we took flag and stuff
<point> i am off, watching pb, bb
<Evilynn> punkbuster ?
<point> prisonbreak ><
<Evilynn> oh.. ye.. right.. hf :$
[01:20] <Evilynn> lol i just realized i wrote mouse as maus rofl
[01:20] <Evilynn> -.-
[01:20] <Evilynn> [22:23] <Evilynn> maus 3 ? isnt that engi?
[01:20] <Evilynn> [22:24] <Evilynn> oh wait thats maus 5 .. or?
[01:23] <Winghaven> maybe you wanna fuck maus @ cdc5 :o
[01:25] <Winghaven> you didn't answer _:D
[01:25] <Evilynn> sorry was laughing my ass off
(n1 english skillz @ cup rules written by a random:)
Generally CB Rules are following in cup
CB/CF/ESL bans are not allowed in cup!
Players with red warns yawn that is yonger than 6 months are not allowed to play
Players with quid etpro and pb freschst than one month are not allowed
Server has to runing with cb6 config
Only real clans are allowed in cup
Matchs result please send to admins with screenshots of match.
[22:53] <Sexclick> wtf
[22:53] <Sexclick> i was doing gym to get nice for u
[22:53] <Sexclick> and now u eat pizzas
[22:53] <Sexclick> to get fat for me
[22:53] <Sexclick> :(
[22:40] <one4one|duNZ> i love ur tits
[22:40] <one4one|duNZ> not rly
[22:40] <one4one|duNZ> do you love them?
[22:40] <Evilynn> yea very much
[22:41] <one4one|duNZ> do u like when a big black dick slides between them
[22:41] <one4one|duNZ> ?
[22:41] <Evilynn> wtf are u talking about
[22:41] <one4one|duNZ> about titfuck
[22:41] <Evilynn> so ur a cybersex-nerd? wtf serious business
[22:41] <Evilynn> are u black?
[22:42] <one4one|duNZ> ye
[22:47] <Evilynn> cmon i am so horny for u man
[22:47] <Evilynn> want some pics?
[22:47] <Evilynn> i am already touching myself seriously
[22:49] <one4one|duNZ> i hope you do understand
[22:49] <one4one|duNZ> that u are brainfucked
[22:49] <Evilynn> thahahahahaha xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[22:49] <Evilynn> opls gimme ur hard nigga dick
[22:49] <one4one|duNZ> im no nigga
[22:50] <one4one|duNZ> im afro american
[22:50] <Evilynn> I see, ur sensitive
[22:50] <Evilynn> I can understand, sorry then, gimme ur hard afro american dick in that case
[22:51] <Evilynn> a prolly i ruined all the hornyness now with my racist comment :<
[23:18] <one4one|duNZ> go fuck yourself
[23:18] <one4one|duNZ> fat bitch
[23:19] <Evilynn> awww so rude, rrrr rthat turns me on
(in the car, on our way to lan)
Schnee: My bag had 70 kilos and Evilynn had 90!
FlixX on 05/03/09, 15:17:37 PM | Reply
Zufälligerweise bin ich Angestellter eines Escort-Service.. Wenn du Lust hast kannst du mich dafür Mieten", im Ausland wirds aber etwas teurer wegen Anfahrt.. Komme normal aus Bayern.
Mein Spezialgebiet: Champagner, Party, Verwöhnen, Dreckige Liebe..
Solltest du Interesse haben, schreib mir eine PM..
[20:00] <Evilynn> I love you
[20:05] <BpBeh-lio> AlEj :D no april fooling here lady thaha
[15:23] <d`it-Evilynn> mister, i am taking a nap
[15:23] <d`it-Evilynn> brb in 2 hours
[15:23] <ESL|M1st3r> o_O
[15:23] <ESL|M1st3r> nap?
[15:23] <d`it-Evilynn> minisleep1
[15:24] <d`it-Evilynn> siesta, comprendes
[15:24] <ESL|M1st3r> XDDDDDDDDD
[18:54] * @Oxy slaps Anaconda`GTV around a bit with a large trout
[18:55] <Anaconda`GTV> dont slap meh
[18:55] <Anaconda`GTV> never slap me
[18:55] <Anaconda`GTV> :/
[18:55] <@Oxy> what you gonna do about it?!
[18:55] <Anaconda`GTV> im gonna
[18:55] <Anaconda`GTV> put a stick
[18:55] <@Oxy> hey :(
[18:55] <Anaconda`GTV> up ur ass
[18:55] <Anaconda`GTV> u like ?
[18:55] * @zerb slaps Oxy in the face and yells "I'm Rick James, bitch!"
[18:55] <@Oxy> that depends
[18:55] <@Oxy> is the stick attached to your lap?
[at vent, 2:15 am]
<h2k|dialer> Evilynn?
<Evilynn> hmmm?
<h2k|dialer> have you ever tried anal sex?
<Evilynn> ...
(playing 6on6 with fins)
opponent: where are you from?
TaZI: we´re a fin-mix
Evilynn: wtf I am not finnish!
TaZI: yes you are!
[19:49] <@weedy> Evilynn: tell me a good sentence to begin conversation
[19:50] <@Evilynn> wtf
[19:50] <@Otsi> "ich habe lederhosen"
[19:50] <@Otsi> works everytime
[19:50] <@Evilynn> :DDDDd
[19:50] <@weedy> I thought about that Otsi
[19:50] <@Evilynn> hahaha
[19:51] <@H2k|dialer> Evilynn
[19:51] <@H2k|dialer> alo
[19:51] <@weedy> mein lederhosen ist kaput... sehen sie meine banane? möchten sie es einholen
[15:40] <Evilynn> If I wanted to know where dialer is
[15:40] <Evilynn> I would also come to you
[15:40] <Evilynn> and ask you
[15:41] <wiaderko> if he is not online
[15:41] <wiaderko> he's drunk
[20:12] <edain> paaaaalying atm!~
[20:12] <Evilynn> oooooops
[20:13] <edain> but i got many fullspawns
[20:13] <edain> so np
[20:13] <edain> write
[20:13] <edain> ^^
03:37… ovr-Kevin: other offer
03:37… ovr-Kevin: i can play you 1v3
03:37… Evilynn: pls
03:37… ovr-Kevin: and download the etbot from vila's ftp (think it's still on there from when we used it )
03:37… ovr-Kevin: :'D
03:37… Evilynn: may I quote that?
03:37… ovr-Kevin: euhm
03:37… ovr-Kevin: vila will kill me
03:37… Evilynn: how often does vila visit my cf-profile?
03:37… ovr-Kevin: :D
03:37… ovr-Kevin: sure you can quote it
04:00… +c45|KaMz: link or gtfo
04:01… +pur3[HNK]: h.ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 explanation
04:01… +c45|KaMz: plz
04:01… +c45|KaMz: i know the tag
04:01… +c45|KaMz: it's rick roll video
04:01… +pur3[HNK]: rofl
19:55… @ZwEi: i thought I was a nade :S
Banan on vent (talking about another RedoX attentionwhoring journal):

He is just happy that he is playing with zeto and jetro, I would rather suicide
04:51… SL|potter: btw du hast mich aufgeweckt :D
04:51… SL|Evilynn: LOOOL
04:51… SL|Evilynn: ist nich dein ernst
04:51… SL|Evilynn: wieso schläfst du neben dem computer...?
04:52… SL|potter: weil ich musik gehört hab und sound über die anlage laufen ließ
04:52… SL|potter: war echt laut
04:52… SL|potter: :D
00:25… SL|Evilynn: not a fan of WAC as I read? :D
00:26… [CB]Killer|AFK: lol please
00:26… [CB]Killer|AFK: its crap
00:26… [CB]Killer|AFK: all that money
00:26… [CB]Killer|AFK: should be used in ethiopia
00:26… [CB]Killer|AFK: in order to detect a cheat
00:26… [CB]Killer|AFK: they need the cheat
00:26… [CB]Killer|AFK: epic fail
[02:45:37] AdawolfA says:
not my problem if you haven't tested how big dildo you can stuff in there
06:56… Swanidius: SL|Evilynn ban tazyaa hacker!
06:56… Swanidius: and his subnett
06:56… Swanidius: and all
06:56… Swanidius: !
06:56… Swanidius: YES?!
06:56… @SL|Evilynn: OKEH
06:56… tazyaa has quit IRC (Signed off)
02:53… × @Swanidius slaps SL|Evilynn in the face and yells "I'm Rick James, bitch!"
02:54… @Swanidius: what are u doing
02:54… @SL|Evilynn: nothing, why
02:54… @Swanidius: im buzzing in omegle and watching all perverts wanking
02:54… @SL|Evilynn: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
02:54… @SL|Evilynn: thanks for sharing mate
02:54… @Swanidius: and im filming my cat with my camera
02:55… @Swanidius: :-----d
02:55… @SL|Evilynn: xd
02:55… @SL|Evilynn: nörtti
02:56… @SL|Evilynn: I am on ts with niki
02:57… @SL|Evilynn: LOL
02:58… @Swanidius: FYUCK SAKE
02:58… @Swanidius: I HATE THIS GIRLS
02:59… @Swanidius: gonna get my dick and wank for them then.
02:59… @SL|Evilynn: rofl
03:00… @Swanidius: so gay. every guy watches longer my cat than girls :S
13:30… SL|Evilynn: I have my job application next week
13:30… SL|Evilynn: coz this day was full of bad luck
13:31… SL|Evilynn: first: my waking machine failed
13:31… SL|Evilynn: second: the trainservice failed
13:31… SL|Evilynn: third: the taxi-driver was a total noob - and cost me 30 euros
13:31… SL|Evilynn: fourth: the bus didn't come
13:31… SL|Evilynn: :D
13:31… SL|Evilynn: you see?
13:32… SL|Evilynn: but I may come next week
13:32… SL|Evilynn: to apply
13:32… SL|Evilynn: -.-
13:34… crittie`: xDDDDDDDDDD
13:34… crittie`: nice
13:34… crittie`: owning
22:40… evilynigirl: *scared*
22:41… Ruipperi: aww
22:41… Ruipperi: ill protect you
22:41… Ruipperi: ill protect you better than 3trojan condoms used same time
Butchji new mAus?

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