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10.Liga4Fun 3on3 ET Leaguegroup 2 with LvL
X-mas Cup #1 with osT @ SR
EEB CUP with Outlaw/wannaB
ESL FZL Summer 2008 Group C with Outlaw/wannaB
GK Server Cup Spring 08 with Outlaw/wannaB
CB Opencup Fall 08 3o3 Div.4 Group D with sicced
15.Liga4Fun 3on3 ET Leaguegroup 1 with Outlaw/sicced
Won a 1on2 Match vs BEER FTW! and DRUGS FTW!
SPITFIRE 3v3 Cup with cuntmasters
HOHELUFT-3on3 BEER o'clock CUP with cuntmasters
SFE-CUP 3on3 #1 with cuntmasters
ESL 3on3 Summer 2009 Div 2 Group A with cuntmasters
1.Liga4Fun 5on5 ET FinalCup with Lost^Soldiers
ESL Summer League Div 2 Group A with PIMMELBANDE
ET 3on3 League Summer 2010 Div 2 with PIMMELBANDE

CB Opencup Fall 08 SW Div.4 Group C with Outlaw/sicced
Outlaw Cup v.3 X-Mas 6o6 with Outlaw/sicced
6o6 ESL Winterleague 08 3rd Division - Group H with Outlaw/sicced
ORDER-Cup 3on3 v3 with Team-aKtrona
SFE 3o3 Cup #2 with cuntmasters
CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2009 Dvi. 3 with Lost Soldiers
CB OpenCup Fall 2009 Div 2 - Group D with Lost Soldiers
SGods of Gaming Nights tourney with cuntmasters
5vs5 Winter Cup 4th Div Group A with punga

15.Liga4Fun 3on3 ET with Outlaw/sicced
#RETROTARDs Cup with Prisonbreak
#CROW.cup Season 23 with cuntmasters
SFE 3o3 Cup #3 with cuntmasters
Noname Cup v.2 with rETROTARDs
ESL 3on3 Summer 2009 Division 2 with cuntmasters
CB WINTER CUP 5on5 - Fourth League - with punga
CPUIntel e8400
MotherboardMSI G45 Neo 2
Memory4GB Corsair DDR 2
Storage400 GB Samsung
GraphicsXFX Gtx 260
Operating SystemWindowsVista
MouseLogitech G5
HeadsetSteel Series Siberia