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http://www.alpserver.de/icons/1.0/ge/poi.png[/img] Hit 900: aPF3L image: poi]
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SpriCa goes Inactive

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Poland (`pico): u eat dinner and u think "yeah iam pro cuz, im use wh"
Poland (`pico): all etgerman players wnb like butchji

this guy named pico is 2 funny i think, isnt it? :D

Finland (rotjake`) why hax m8?
Finland (rotjake`) care, you even suck with ya hax m8

Greece (K3rv3r0s) fun with bot? http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=user&mode=view&id=9860
Greece (K3rv3r0s) skill from nc? http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=user&mode=view&id=9860
Germany (SpriCa) yes for 70 euros and it named logitech g5

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Italy image: heart1 z3f, fatal Gaming
Germany image: heart1 Aquila, /<ruger.et
Germany image: heart1 tAmji, erRor Leader
Germany image: heart1 moewe, erRor Member
Germany image: heart1 Cel, erRor honoray Memeber
Germany image: heart1 Cloud, erRor Member
Germany image: heart1 fire, erRor Member
Austria image: heart1 Jason, erRor Member
Estonia image: heart1 Naabji, ETTan
Estonia image: heart1 Sand, ETTan
Germany image: heart1 Coldice, Team-AoW
Germany image: heart1 nightyyy, Cless
Germany image: heart1 rakji, erRor Member
Germany image: heart1 Schlumpf, erRor Member
Germany image: heart1 Sapphire, erRor Member

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Mix Sprite and Cola = SpriCa
Blobby Volley @ SchaurenLAN with Kenya red Volley
Liga4Fun 3on3 Season 13 with Germany Team bird
Liga4Fun 3on3 Season 14 with Germany Team bird

#Team-AoW.et 3v3 #07 with Estonia Sand, Estonia Naabji and Germany SpriCa

ESL Freizeitliga Spring 08 Group 4 with Germany Critical Error
ESL Freizeitliga Summer 08 Group 4 with Germany Critical Error
#up.et 3on3 v2 with Germany rakji, Italy shoes and Germany Sprica
#Coldfire.cup X-Mas IV 3vs3 with Europe Afterline
CPU6700 DualCore
Memory2 Gigab. by Samsung
StorageSamsung 120 Gigab.
GraphicsATI X1950
Operating SystemWinXp Prof
MonitorHannsG 19"
MouseLogitech G5 (@nC for 70 euro) ;)
Connectiondsl 2k