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"Like when i post these shit videos about not getting headshots ppl scream:"OMFG YOU WERENT EVEN ON TARGET!!". Who tha fuck are you protecting? Et hitboxes? Oh yeah they will get real upset if you shit on them for being bugged.
- Clown <3

Just going to dump some of these here since I think they're all absolutely hilarious, quick scenario it's a 3on3 high skill we win both maps with this player obviously cheating whine ensues:

/pdsonizer if i had ur lag
/pdsonizer i would have atleast 60 hs
/pdsonizer and this is HIGH "XD
/pdsonizer mr 9 hs
/pdsonizer sorry too known for me
/pdsonizer the only shit ur good at is laggin
/pdsonizer atleast im not some et wnb =]

To AzA:
/pdsonizer You must be very cool
/pdsonizer god of et
/pdsonizer and still so shit

/pdsonizer how according to their own "thoughts"
/pdsonizer they are the best in ET
/pdsonizer yet
/pdsonizer so disappointing

/pdsonizer just rup
/pdsonizer wanna puke after this

/pdsonizer seriously
/pdsonizer randoms are better then you

/pdsonizer captain obvious
/pdsonizer how can u be so retarded
/pdsonizer not even trying to hide it
/pdsonizer ur just like butchji
/pdsonizer but then 10 times worse

/pdsonizer 1on1 rolling u easily

Thanks pds for restoring my lack of faith in humanity.

Germany 141 / United Kingdom uQ Gaming
- England Mztik
- England Fatal
- England Riskeh
- England NorZia
- England Miller
- Wales h20xygen
- Wales sqzz
- Wales syK
- Scotland razz
- Netherlands overboost
- Netherlands Pray
- Israel CrozZ
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Europe Clanbase EuroCup 6on6 XVII
Europe ESL Major Series VII
Europe CB Premier Div. Summercup 2005 6on6
Europe ETCup #1 6on6
Europe ETCup #15 6on6
Europe Frag-Theatre Cup 6on6
Europe c4L 6on6 Cup
Europe Dystopia Cup
United Kingdom got a "Not bad." from Pansy

- Europe CB Eurocup Playoffs Autumn 2005 6on6

simply the best
fullhold @ brau/sd + made rage quit: the guys who full held @ supply vs mystic, teKoa and M1lk :DDD

[19:54:26] [^tetsuo] you really fuck this game up with your unhittability
[20:00:10] [Mztik`i]
[20:00:30] [^tetsuo] nah ur wrong :)
[20:00:33] [^tetsuo] i didnt rage quit
[20:00:42] [^tetsuo] you just suck & need to use netlimiter to win cos u dont have aim
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