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[01:55] <+Gabt`> we got names for people like
[01:55] <+Gabt`> u
[01:55] <+Gabt`> mr niko
[01:56] <+Gabt`> we call em Alkie bastards

[19:41:25] <cl4ym4n> tbh i like niko more :p
[19:41:45] <cl4ym4n> its not like Flekmawtf-was-the-rest-of-the-name :D

[16:15:08] <@IOWA`5k> vittu kuume on perseestä
[16:15:17] <@LAGGER> onko paljonki
[16:15:46] <@LAGGER> niinhän se on
[16:16:04] <@IOWA`5k> ei oo mittaria mut alkaa koliseen kyl päässä jo
[16:16:22] <@LAGGER> :D no rupeehan sitä sitte oleejo tarpeeks
[16:16:37] <+`Niko> viinaa vaan nii lähtee
[16:16:40] <@IOWA`5k> no juu
[16:16:45] <@IOWA`5k> ei saatana pysty juomaan
[16:16:55] <+`Niko> :D
[16:18:01] <+`Niko> iowa ei pysty juomaa... mitä seuraavaks?? biitti ei ookkaa homo??
[16:19:30] <@IOWA`5k> lol
[16:19:36] <@IOWA`5k> varmaan sit niin :D

[20:19:40] <@ovr-Rewolf> `Niko from you I hope its Niko as well
[20:19:41] <@ovr-Rewolf> :P
[20:19:51] <@`Niko> :)
[20:20:30] <@`Niko> just proofs that i have no imagination xD
[20:20:50] <@Gabt`> wat
[20:20:55] <@Gabt`> ur real name is niko
[20:20:58] <@Gabt`> is that allowed?
[20:21:01] <@Gabt`> by law
[20:21:03] <@bigbeats\seaan> thats a mind fuck
[20:21:08] <@Gabt`> cruelty to children
[20:21:18] <@ovr-Rewolf> no because only geniouses add a little ` in the front
[20:21:20] <@`tace`> haha
[20:21:21] <@ovr-Rewolf> also
[20:21:35] <@ovr-Rewolf> I wouldn't have come up with Flektimaakko

[22:30:47] <+Titanz`bIITTI> mä oon homo :)
(from facebook) Ville ****** HOMO MINÄ OLEN

16:22:41 @caul • hm niko
16:22:51 @caul • i pay 100 euro for your body
16:23:01 @caul • + shipping costs
16:23:02 @`Niko • sold
16:23:08 @caul • oh yeah


Retired at age of 22
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