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ET:United LAN @ Brussels November 2015
Delirium - garin scarzy twizzt wra1th b3ck goku


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encrypt (heatwave cup)

United Kingdom garin
United Kingdom hste
United Kingdom hvk
United Kingdom MerlinatoR
United Kingdom Mayni
United Kingdom Element
Finland froxe

United Kingdom garin
Estonia x3nja
Estonia Ajit
Estonia LudA

Estonia Edgar
Estonia mant

iN / nOu
United Kingdom garin
United Kingdom hvk
United Kingdom hste
Belgium POEPj
Estonia Ajit

Sweden cupcake

ESL 3o3 Winter Div.3

inglorious Bastards
United Kingdom garin
United Kingdom potty
United Kingdom miXer
Netherlands Ironic
Norway moldu
Portugal rAhzel

ClanBase OpenCup Div.4

United Kingdom garin
Finland nuMbe
Finland Filu
Finland devix

United Kingdom garin
United Kingdom fumble
United Kingdom mistry
United Kingdom street
United Kingdom hste

United Kingdom garin
Germany rAKJI
Finland flashdown
Finland Miluu
Spain methoji
Spain magico

United Kingdom garin
United Kingdom keando
Netherlands SolaR
Estonia cosmic
Ireland flushjee
Czech Republic crAsh
Switzerland TAu
Canada rossko

United Kingdom garin
United Kingdom ethr
United Kingdom bulmer
United Kingdom owzO
United Kingdom morty
Netherlands adeto
Netherlands Iron1c

United Kingdom garin
United Kingdom rAAAGE
United Kingdom iDan
United Kingdom ethr

Wales garin
Wales harris
Wales gAz

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United Kingdom garin
United Kingdom tess
Germany CliffDark

United Kingdom garin
Germany CliffDark
Netherlands homie
Netherlands DocWito
Netherlands mOtta
Netherlands shishi
Netherlands V!mp
Netherlands local
France drkje

United Kingdom garin
United Kingdom trixx
United Kingdom djay
United Kingdom Furax
United Kingdom RaiKKoNeN
United Kingdom elessar

Secret Agency
United Kingdom garin
France Ace
France oo7
France drkje
France duk3
France exoje
Belgium Link

United Kingdom garin
United Kingdom jam
United Kingdom Shakey
Netherlands mirage
Netherlands damage
Netherlands Playa
Netherlands 2d
Netherlands snk

Quote by Quotes.Griim: Those with an actual life don't feel the need to justify having a life.

Fumble: Look at my ping, you jelly?
Garin: Mine's bigger
Fumble: That's what she said
Fumble: Oh wait no..

fumble: how many GCSE's you getting?
darkrider: all of em

Garin: any more shit q's ? ;P
Goku: wut?
Goku: q's = questions?

Ironic: u dnno schnee?
Ironic: i iz dissapoint
garin #nOu: i know him
Ironic: its a girl

<@owzo> SL|Evilynn you do realise i was speaking swedish in a SWEDISH team news post
<@SL|Evilynn> and you realise that news = english only?
<+nOu\garin> owzo dydw i ddim yn hoffi SL|Evilynn achos maen twp :DDD
(translation: i don't like evilynn because she's stupid/thick)
* @SL|Evilynn (Evilynn@entirely.pro) has left #ALMIGHTY.ET
<@owzo> :D:D:D::D
<+M1R53> :DDDdddD:D
<@Panda_> hahaha

fumble: who's ozzy? .. is he that guy on hide&seek?

garin: find me a left handed mousepad for under 30
darkrider: look on ebay tit
darkrider: why dont you get a normal one
darkrider: and use it for the left

KAMZ: I'm about 6 foot 3
R0SS: Yea, with ur fucking turban on

unforgiven: do i look like i look on mcdonalds?

garin: knock knock !
potty: whos there?
garin: why u knocking? I've got automatic doors
potty: your the one knocking you fuckin spastic
garin: oh yeah

reAliZe: I've cleaned my willy so many times today yet it still stinks of cheese
reAliZe: I even put it in the sink


FumBle: Can't go football training tomorrow
FumBle: EC Final

darkrider: do you even know what a troll is?
boorito: err .. err .. err .. i'm a troll

hste: what the fuck is r_wolfdog ?

<@ethr-flat> apparently ive compiled et i just cant find it...
<@garin> is it that small?
<@hste> :D
<@hste> like ur nob garin
<@ethr-flat> yeh its only small
<@ethr-flat> compared to what i deal with at work

[16:00] * hste sets mode: -o lumppari
[16:00] * Q sets mode: +o lumppari
[16:00] <@hste> OH SNAP
[16:00] <@lumppari> ähä
[16:00] * lumppari sets mode: -o hste
[16:00] <hste> the fuck
[16:00] <@lumppari> nub got rolled

FumBle: I am using SLAC
IcEcrusT: No, SLAC is using YOU!

Jinosta: I just wrote on my toilet roll "have fun wiping" and rolled it back up
garin: so who's gunna be next to use it?
Jinosta: either my mum or my boyfriend

<darkrider> what's fap ?
<darkrider> is fap caused by mutation?

Complex: there's this part where she takes off her top
Complex: huge cameltoe

<deryn> i ad my leg ova gav n ir lwks lyk he ad ell of a rock on

FumBle: I've got to wait 204 minutes for my config to copy

<Nyke> why eat at a table when u can eat at ur PC

darkrider: i am short but fats and solid :D
darkrider: fast*
darkrider: nerd

<Evilynn> I don't want this public sexy talk baby

razien: that sausage looks terrible im sorry you have to eat it
noedel: your mum would be grateful of something that size

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All Wales Welsh people are fast in FPS games, fact.

Built owzo's PC & met him IRL :O)

I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not
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