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Europe bSTURZ

Sweden fuchS
Slovenia sly
Czech Republic milhAus
Finland vokki
Germany sPECULA
Finland Swanidius

OC Spring Premier League Winners 2011

Czech Republic inteRaction

Czech Republic denton
Czech Republic Loocko
Czech Republic jalo
Czech Republic malfoy
Czech Republic cpu
Czech Republic teente
Czech Republic milhAus
Czech Republic Green_Clon

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[21:06] <@`iR|denton> milhAus has great manager skills and his presence inspires us all

[21:07] <@`iR|Green_Clon> indeed, whenever I see milhAus I feel strange need for killing

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This is the official Crossfire group of gentleMen eSports.



5on5 WGT Invex Exhibition 2009 Brno
5on5 BYOC PARTY 2010 Ml. Boleslav
5on5 BYOC PARTY 2011 Cachovice
3on3 BYOC PARTY 2011 Cachovice
#4 5on5 Republic Of Gamers City Cup 2011 Brno


6on6 CZET Cup V
6on6 CZET Cup VII
5on5 CZET Cup VIII
6on6 SSX & NETTEAM Cup
6on6 TeamPlay Instant Cup
6on6 ET Masters group D division 2
6on6 ESL Major Series Season IV
6on6 Clanbase ladder 11/2009
6on6 ClanBase Summer Cup 2009
6on6 EuroCupski #5
6on6 EuroCupski Halloween Special #2
6on6 ESL Autumn Cup 2012
5on5 Zero Empathy Cup s.23
3on3 Zero Empathy Cup s.02
5on5 OneDay Cupski v8
5on5 Easy Company Cup VI
5on5 ClanBase ladder 6/2011
5on5 ClanBase OC Spring Premer League 2011
3on3 nanoCup 2011
3on3 Grunex Cup
3on3 Summer Cupski #2

3on3 Zero Empathy Cup v.28
3on3 BROT Cup Season 2
3on3 newind-shock Cup
5on5 Cupski s.3
5on5 ESL Winter Leagues 2010
6on6 Summer Cupski #2
6on6 Special Cup
6on6 Summer Cupski #4
5on5 DoorCup Season 1
6on6 Crossfire ET Christmas Cup 2013

6on6 TeamPlay Open Cup
3on3 CB Open Cup 2nd League 2009
6on6 Back to 6on6 Cup
MouseRazer Deathadder
MousepadQPAD CT
HeadsetSteelSeries Siberia V2