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Poland Walczaca Polska / Fallen

Poland Damian
Poland DarkAngel
Poland Dziadek
Poland Lockheed
Poland Mike
Poland Nrs
Poland Ragnak
Poland Raiden
Poland Sioux
Poland Terom
Poland Zimek

Poland t5 / nDc

Poland Arto
Poland Artur
Poland Bartequ
Poland Billy
Poland Bugiman
Poland Jaras
Poland Kubas
Poland Lockheed
Poland Mess
Poland Monia
Poland Reetoslaw / connish
Poland Romulus
Poland Runos
Poland Sierpik
Poland Tequar
Poland Zeeke

Poland .dot

Poland Apart
Poland Clavish
Poland Frag Stealer
Poland Ginus`
Poland Jinx
Poland Kermit
Poland Kleo
Poland Lockheed
Poland Majin
Poland Merlin
Poland Termit
Poland Znajda

Poland The Storks

Poland Aluu
Poland Breeze
Poland Cahr
Poland Darkman
Poland Guhard
Poland Lockheed
Poland Nexilis
Poland Niedziowiedz`
Poland Omegara
Poland Penny
Poland Resq
Poland Rollo Tomassi
Poland Tasslehoff
Poland Tdp
Poland Tsunami
Poland Zielaq

Poland Essence

Poland Ancik
Poland Angel
Poland Dimitr
Poland Doktor
Poland Frag Stealer
Poland Gotti
Poland Lockheed
Poland Meskal
Poland Mrozu
Poland Noone
Poland Nrs
Poland Tasslehoff
Poland Tsunami
Poland Zaskroniec

Poland Logitech UVM

Poland Bandit
Poland Dialer
Poland Doktor
Poland Krein
Poland Lockheed
Poland Noone
Poland Tasslehoff
Poland Cahr
Poland Meskal
Poland Set
Poland Gotti
Poland Mrozu
Poland Nrs
Poland Sarna

Poland Team-Delta

Poland Bandit
Poland Cahr
Poland Dialer
Poland Doktor
Poland Krein
Poland Krisek
Poland Lockheed
Poland Meskal
Poland Noone
Poland Some
Poland Tasslehoff

Poland Betsson Voodoo Gaming

Poland Dvk3
Poland Dvl
Poland Jc
Poland Lockheed
Poland Qbass
Poland Smaug
Poland Templar

Poland Devilry

Poland Azrael
Poland Boski
Poland Dolar
Poland Errol
Poland Jebutor
Poland Lock
Poland Michalek
Poland Reality
Poland Robol
Poland S4rna
Poland Zmk

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Duelscup #1 2005 1on1 [OnLine]
Duelscup #2 2005 1on1 [OnLine]
KAC Tournament 2005 1on1 [OnLine]
Poznan Game Arena 2005 6on6 (The STORKS) [LAN]
ClanBase ET NationsCup VII 6on6 (TeamPoland) [OnLine]
Lan Party Poland 2005 ET 1on1 [LAN]
Lan Party Poland 2005 ET 2on2 (LoCk, Mrozu) [LAN]
Lan Party Poland 2005 ET 3on3 (DeL, LoCk, Mrozu) [LAN]
Lan Party Poland 2005 F.E.A.R. 1on1 [LAN]
Lan Party Slask 2006 ET 1on1 [LAN]
Lan Party Slask 2006 ET 2on2 (Lock, Mrozu) [LAN]
Lan Party Slask 2006 ET 3on3 (Lock, Mrozu, Tass?) [LAN]
Electronic Sports World Cup Poland 2006 ET 1on1 [LAN]
Lan Party Slask 2 2006 ET 1on1 [LAN]
Lan Party Slask 2 2006 ET 3on3 (UVM Logitech) [LAN]
Lan Party Slask 2 2006 ET 5on5 (UVM Logitech) [LAN]
Silesia Game Festival 2007 ET 6on6 (Betsson Voodoo Gaming) [LAN]
Silesia Game Festival 2007 ET 1on1 [LAN]
Ades.cup 2007 ET 1on1 [OnLine]
Whine.cup 1-st Edition 2007 ET 1on1 [OnLine]
Coldfire Duels I (1vs1) [OnLine] 2008
1on1pro-cup [OnLine] 2010
CPUIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz
MotherboardASUS Z97-Pro (Wi-Fi ac)
MemoryBallistix by Crucial Technology 8GB KIT 2x 4GB DDR3L - 1600CL8 VLP UDIMM Tactical
StorageCrucial 128 SSD + Seagate: 2TB(hybrid) + 2TB + 1TB + 500GB + 500GB + few TB more on ext
GraphicsGeForce GTX 970 Asus STRIX 4GB
Operating SystemDOS
MonitorASUS VG248QE (24`) @ 1ms GTG, 125hz, Full HD (1920x1080) - 16:9; ASUS VE248HR; ACER K242HL
KeyboardCorsair Gaming K70 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — Cherry MX Red
MouseLogitech MX 518
MousepadCURRENT: RantoPad Super C4; OLD: Razer Goliathus Speed Edition Extended / Steelseries QcK Heavy / Icemat 2nd Edition
HeadsetSennheiser PC 363D
ConnectionDOWNLOAD: 43.33Mb/s ; UPLOAD: 3.29Mb/s