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Netherlands bY.et

Netherlands Michael Kelso
Belgium Marco
Belgium Havenloods

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image: nl RAZZIA

image: nl Frenkolijzer
image: nl Ironic
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image: nl Triflip
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image: nl Cannabis
image: nl d3rb
image: nl Snor

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[21:57] <Anti`Derb> when is the final chmpp?
[21:57] <@chmpp> today 21cet
[21:58] <Anti`Derb> [21:57] <@chmpp> today 21cet
[21:58] <Anti`Derb> ?
[21:58] <@chmpp> okey tomorrow then
[21:58] <Anti`Derb> ok :P
[21:58] <@chmpp> though its past 00:00 already
[21:58] <@chmpp> xd


[20:59] Res: not looking for sucks \ sex atm. if i was i could get it. easyly

<Res> about 2 weeks ago
<Res> i asked MIKE to do for me gay's test :DDDDDDD
<Res> to check if im gay
<Anti`Derb> :/
<Res> gave me 3 porn movies
<Res> gays, lesibans and normal
<Res> and asked me which one i liked

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since 12.7.08


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image: gid58_small Call of Duty 2
image: gid87_small Call of Duty 5
image: gid25_small Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

image: desktopsc6

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