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Netherlands7ele: I would play strip poker with Mizzy shes fucking hot man

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Netherlands 7ele (c)
Netherlands wezep
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Massive.dlx CoD4

Netherlands Ceasr
Netherlands Booya
Netherlands Fusion
United Kingdom Mizzy
Sweden Jimriniho
Sweden Void
Estonia M6mmi


Netherlands Enigma <3

[18:18] Enigma: http://www.nothincrazie.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/happy-birthday-g.gif
[18:18] Mizzi: :P
[18:18] Enigma: what?
[18:18] Enigma: not good?:<
[18:18] Enigma: im even having that on my eyes now, fuck

Netherlands Rockskin :X

I feel so gay

Netherlands Rockskin is such a girl

Rockskin.f2k: it brings out my feminine side

Netherlands Rockskin, what the fuck

[20:18] Rockskin.f2k: i got a nice trick at soccer when wehave to shower
[20:18] Rockskin.f2k: its like
[20:18] Rockskin.f2k: its like a compention with the boys
[20:18] Rockskin.f2k: so i normally just get an erection jsut before i shower
[20:18] Rockskin.f2k: then i drop it
[20:19] Rockskin.f2k: and then i got the biggest of the team :D:D:D
[20:19] Rockskin.f2k: so awesome you can see them look like wtf

Netherlands7ele: sexy tbh

Estonia M6mmi: Fuckin love manboobs

Wales Bird, no, just no

[12:56] Art.bird: Do me a favour please. Make a journal on crossfire saying: Sexy ET player!! [link them to my page]
[12:56] Art.bird: I need to get my hits up
[12:56] Art.bird: Trying to get known

Netherlands Rockskin and his epic radar tatics

Rockskin: Okay heres the plan steal all there ammo at spawn

Netherlands 7ele oh what you have to put up with

7ele: If i have a beard no sex

Sweden I agree with you Jimriniho

Mizzi: Birds got a sexy body man
Jimriniho: I agree with you there even if i am a dude

Did you enjoy it Wales Bird?

[22:51] Art.bird: I'm so like feeling eww
[22:51] Art.bird: because of swimming
[22:51] Art.bird: You know in the Jacuzzi
[22:52] Art.bird: You have like blowers which are really powerful
[22:52] Art.bird: Well anyway
[22:52] Art.bird: I sort of put my arsehole on it to see what it would feel like
[22:52] Art.bird: and it blew all water up my arse
[22:52] Art.bird: and my arse was hurting for ages

Sweden Oh Jimmy

Jimmy says:
somehow my banana have been hard for 3 days now in a row
its fkin strange :/
mine is serious to
its stil hard
and i cant make it relax
ive been trying all ways
i mean
iv been pointing it to diff directions
ive been trying to hold it down
ive been trying to look at niggers

Estonia M6mmi GAY

#M6mmi.ee: Ive watched twilight and new moon like 20 times

Netherlands Ceasr GAY

CeasR: I watched twilight for like the 16 time

Netherlands7ele <333333333

[14:08] 7ele: laura promised sex if she could fix my eyebrows


<3 You Sweden Jim

Jimriniho: iam boored
Falseeeee: iam boored
Jimriniho: ...ill go watch porn
Jimriniho: ...
Falseeeee: xD
Jimriniho: :DD
Jimriniho: nah
Falseeeee: quoted
Jimriniho: nooooooooooooooooooooooo
Falseeeee: x)
Jimriniho: whatafuck..
Jimriniho: pamela full :o
Jimriniho: !!!!!!!
Jimriniho: boooorrriiiiiiiiiiingggggggg

WoW nerd EstoniaM6mmi

Falseeeee: pfft WoW
#M6mmi.ee: I wanna fuck you.

About Lady Gaga :D

Jimriniho: shes a hermafrodite
Jimriniho: born with dick :SS
Falseeeee: can i ask?
Falseeeee: you like him/her?
Jimriniho: she is cute :))


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Fast Cup #1 International with iTry