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Poland Fire Legion (2003)
Poland gawex (2004-2005)

Poland Koza
Poland Jachac
Poland Kordian
Poland zuo
Poland special
Poland Dex
Poland coolki
Poland Baku
Poland koszal
Czech Republic posik
Poland and others...

Poland musCae [h3-tech / hazyfog.eu / nudE] (2005-2008)

Poland Jachac
Poland grzywa
Poland Pr0lame
Poland Shhhal
Poland revol
Poland loslobos
Poland Acuerate
Poland Gold
Poland active
Poland SkyLine
Poland Sagem
Poland chris
Poland Hitman
Poland Tevion
Poland Libra
Poland orsz
Poland Puchacz
Poland Berek
Poland Deaz
Poland Endarked
Poland rumun
Poland Johny
Poland Kdz
Poland legzz
Poland rymmer
Poland frizz
Poland Jurgen
Poland Podolski
Poland Andy
Poland Sqz
Poland haxor
Poland marcu
Poland Grassman
Poland Palemki
Poland incubus
Poland kUban
Poland Okman
Poland eco
Poland Marv!n
Poland LorenzZ
Poland arab
Poland Dar0
Poland skyr
Poland maku
Poland kiuff
Poland archer
Poland reaper
Poland and others...


Poland needle #et-needle (2008)

Poland Freze
Poland Jachac
Poland koziol
Poland Aima
Poland Zilla
Poland GrN
Poland Msoje

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musCae grzywa: "Jachac bede Twoim murzynem"


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