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No Longer Playing[/u]

ET History

http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/IMG] Order.Guava]
image: nlh1ko
image: nljAck
image: gbrye
image: fimatiii
image: eevlu_

http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/IMG] techanza.et]
image: gb t.Za rye_
image: gb t.Za cuckoo
image: mt t.Za r4ven
image: ee t.Za villu
image: ee t.Za synce

image: us t.Za Espo
image: fi t.Za matiii
image: pl t.Za WAr_

2008-2010 (Inactive from ET)
http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/IMG] Simple Concept Gaming v2 - The Gathering]
image: gb s, spariii:|
image: ro s, Lover
image: fi s, mATIII
image: gb s, rAAAGE
image: fr s, Mistfits
image: fi s, AjaK
image: nl s, Otyg
image: be s, BossHoer

http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/IMG] Simple Concept Gaming]
image: gb s, spariii
image: gb s, shAde
image: fi s, mAtiii
image: ch s, Tomy
image: nl s, HiJaCkEr
image: nl s, Tw1Zzt

image: nl s, orDian
image: nl s, wArdog
image: gb s, Tommy:x
image: se s, Cupcake

http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/fi.gif[/IMG] o s u u]
image: fi kAptenski o s u u
image: fi Booni o s u u
image: fi Hopea_ o s u u
image: ee nUGIS o s u u
image: gb spartan o s u u
image: nl wArdog o s u u
image: de Smasher o s u u
image: se kAviar o s u u

http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/IMG] Advanced]
image: no advance. Woah
image: gb advance. sPAR:}
image: fi advance. baMs
image: nl advance. sURI
image: nl advance. d3zz
image: eu advance. DioN
image: eu advance. ZenTaX

http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/IMG] WAYF?]
image: gb [+] sPAR
image: ch [+] Tomy
image: nl [+] Superman2100
image: fi [+] Matias

http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/IMG] SAIKO]
image: gb SAIKO SHADE
image: nl SAIKO TEUN
image: nl SAIKO TWIZZT
image: fi SAIKO MATIAS
image: gb SAIKO CUCKOO

http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/IMG] #imp4ct]
image: gb [#Imp4ct]iGod
image: gb [#Imp4ct]st0ned
image: eu [#Imp4ct]Bidy
image: pt [#Imp4ct]mav
image: eu [#Imp4ct]Will
image: eu [#Imp4ct]Sm!cer
image: eu [#Imp4ct]IDIOT
image: eu [#Imp4ct]r@lph
image: eu [#Imp4ct]stevo
Sorry if i have missed anyone ;]

http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/IMG] We Want War]
image: gb *wWw*Wappy
image: gb *wWw*Wuppy
image: nl *wWw*Wippy
image: nl *wWw*Woppy
image: be *wWw*Wyppy

http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/IMG] xtc v2]
image: gb xtc - spAr
image: gb xtc - shAde
image: gb xtc - CuCkoO
image: be xtc - DooM
image: nl xtc - Razor
image: nl xtc - woppy

http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/gb.gif[/IMG] Saints.tbob]
image: gb {S} spAr
image: gb {S} shAde
image: gb {S} brit
image: gb {S} j1nkz/hazim
image: sc {S} sexyscotsman

http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/IMG] xtc v1]
image: gb xtC'Spartan:)
image: gb xtC'shAde:)
image: gb xtC'Knocker:)
image: nl xtC'Temptation:)
image: nl xtC'Er4Zor:)
image: fr xtC'Rouge:)


All scg members :)
image: ch Tomy
image: gb shAde
image: gb rAAAGE
image: gb j1nkz
image: gb Loki
image: gb Tommy
image: gb sol
image: fi mAtiii
image: fi AjaK
image: ro Lover
image: fr Mistfits
image: nl Tw1Zzt
image: nl HiJaCkEr
image: nl wARDOG
image: nl Zengaa
image: nl orDian
image: nl Otyg
image: se CupCake
image: be BossHoer

And shoutouts to the guys who have made ET awesome;]
image: gb Noddy
image: gb stKz
image: gb CuCkoo
image: gb Viper
image: gb Sexy-scotsman
image: gb Hazim
image: gb brit
image: gb stKz
image: gb Gallak
image: gb d3mo
image: gb schmo
image: nl Razor
image: nl Snatchie
image: nl Emperor
image: nl Noah
image: nl SilCz
image: nl XyMon
image: nl Loxias
image: nl st1m
image: nl sQuibii
image: nl surkin/hybrid
image: nl PapZak/rvc_
image: nl Teun
image: nl DubZor
image: nl Dashiee
image: nl Fish
image: nl temptation
image: nl er4zer
image: be nck
image: be DooM
image: mt ravejiii
image: se Aw!R
image: ee cuba
image: ee villu
image: ee synce
image: us speci
image: us Espo
image: pl skiv
image: no Woah!
image: es Shev

#scg / #techanza.et / #bwormz / #infensus / #ole.et / #revive.rtcw