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ex clans

LUMPSHOP (2007)]

Line Up:
Polandentji LUMPSHOP.PL
Poland milf LUMPSHOP.PL

b7 Gaming (2008)]

Line Up:
Poland b7-Rabit
Poland b7-brobo
Poland b7-m0ment
Poland b7-sWIFT
Poland b7-raSh

CEDGE Gaming (2008)]

Line Up:
Poland cedGe-Rabit
Poland cedGe-entji
Poland cedGe-sWIFT
Poland cedGe-milf
Poland cedGe-brobo
Poland cedGe-m0ment
Poland cedGe-sEthje

Skup Butelek (2008)]

Line Up:
Poland sb-kayson
Poland sb-sWIFT
Poland sb-konny
Poland sb-bloOdje
Poland sb-dIZEL
Poland sb-franti

DeathGuard (2009)]

Line Up:
Poland sWIFT?
Poland Siawy?
Poland elocze?
Poland PoWeR?
Poland Scooby?
Poland Heti?
Poland szczurek?

OfkoZz (2010)]

Line Up:
Poland Z}Michalek OfkoZz
Poland Z}zApper OfkoZz
Poland Z}iCm OfkoZz
Poland Z}sWIFT OfkoZz
Poland Z}hYpno OfkoZz
Poland Z}Absolwent OfkoZz
Poland Z}entji OfkoZz

no'rules (2010)]

Line Up:
Poland no'rules.cubz
Poland no'rules.kel1s
Poland no'rules.sWIFT
Poland no'rules.mag
Poland no'rules.sk1p
Poland no'rules.suziii
Poland no'rules.dziubek


CPUPentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 3.20GHz (2 CPUs)
MotherboardASUS P5KPL-AM SE
Memory4096MB RAM
Storage500 GB Total
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT
SoundRealtek HD Audio
Operating SystemWin &7
MonitorLG FLATRON W2234S 21,5'
MouseA4TECH X738K
MousepadA4TECH X7 550K