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49… Jiep: mindgame
21:49… Jiep: gebruik de sneltoets :x!
21:49… Jiep: f8 ofzo
21:49…Jiep: word ie wel 50gb ofzo iets
21:49… Jiep: maar kan je altijd nog compile
21:49… Jiep: sneltoets moet je maar ff kijke
21:49… Jiep: woeps
21:50… Jiep: noedel, is mindgame dutch?
21:50… Jiep: :x
21:50… noedel: no
21:50… Jiep: xD
21:50… Jiep: mindgame
21:50… Jiep: there is a key, when you watch your demo
21:50… Jiep: something like f8
21:50… Jiep: the movie wil be 50gb or smthing, but you can compile it later
21:51… Jiep: you have to look for that key, then just press it while watching ur demo
21:51… Jiep: and you got a .avi movie


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CB summer cup w/ VAE
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