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my real account
me @ oldschool


Germany [bd] ×
Germany [bd] gren
Germany [bd] Re!Gn
Germany [bd] pvt. pAula
Poland [bd] Kurtyzana
Germany [bd] SmooTh
Germany [bd] zGt
Germany [bd] junky

Germany #LeVo. ×
Germany #LeVo.PhReaK
Germany #LeVo.cRx
Germany #LeVo.Schnitzel
Germany #LeVo.zGt
Germany #LeVo.vAxX
Germany #LeVo.rax0r
Germany #LeVo.zRaCk
Germany #LeVo.DanLanGo
Switzerland #LeVo.vEx
Germany #LeVo.junky

Germany p' ×
Germany p'sHay eSp
Germany p'_hnk eSp
Germany p'loku eSp
Germany p's3rr eSp
Germany p'zRaCk eSp
Germany p'junky eSp

Germany tfX* ×
Germany tfX*pZyko
Germany tfX*Anubis
Germany tfX*Ghost
Germany tfX*tALent
Germany tfX*SarlouR
Germany tfX*junky

Europe 'tm. ×
Netherlands 'tm.aR2 ]oO[
Slovenia 'tm.sacr ]oO[
Slovenia 'tm.Asgard ]oO[
Slovenia 'tm.Cru3l ]oO[
Slovenia 'tm.sAw ]oO[
Germany 'tm.phiL ]oO[
Germany 'tm.junky ]oO[

Germany p3G ×
Germany p3G puma eluminX
Germany p3G tuz0 eluminX
Germany p3G psiquh eluminX
Germany p3G mizzla eluminX
Germany p3G bongo eluminX
Germany p3G laska eluminX
Germany p3G junky eluminX

Europe [rG] ×
Austria [rG]naid
Austria [rG]wisard
Austria [rG]laguNa
Austria [rG]quzze
Germany [rG]puma
Germany [rG]junky

Germany RELOADED Soprano
Germany RELOADED oGr
Germany RELOADED psiquh
Germany RELOADED tuz0
Germany RELOADED mett1
Germany RELOADED manKz
Netherlands RELOADED filla
Germany RELOADED junky

Europe OVERLOAd. ×
Germany OVERLOAd. puma
Germany OVERLOAd. epiK
Germany OVERLOAd. psiquh
Germany OVERLOAd. tuz0
Germany OVERLOAd. mizzla
Germany OVERLOAd. junky

Germany pstarZ ×
Netherlands pstarZ twinzzy
Sweden pstarZ ankiie
France pstarZ rem
France pstarZ Manix
Poland pstarZ PEDROS
Italy pstarZ jolly
Germany pstarZ junky

Germany OCTENse- ×
Germany OCTENse-atrox
Germany OCTENse-souX
Germany OCTENse-psiquh
Sweden OCTENse-Fuchs
Switzerland OCTENse-DabSter
Poland OCTENse-z3R0
Germany OCTENse-junky

Norway ×
Estonia steel
Estonia piilu
Estonia al
Estonia hell
Estonia ?
Germany junky

Finland ]M[ ×
Finland ]M[ Nubiks
Finland ]M[ nootari
Finland ]M[ feLdae
Finland ]M[ Stukka
Germany ]M[ tuz0
Germany ]M[ junky

Europe sprd. ×
Germany sprd.Soprano
Germany sprd.manKz
Belgium sprd.zolid
Spain sprd.WeZoR
Norway sprd.dizA
Norway sprd.Pr0mo
Sweden sprd.slajdan
Germany sprd.junky

Sweden bSTURZ| ×
Germany bSTURZ|myth6s
Poland bSTURZ|Krein
Poland bSTURZ|diAler
Netherlands bSTURZ|Efax
Finland bSTURZ|Spirea
Germany bSTURZ|junky

Finland iGods. ×
Belgium iGods.zolid
Switzerland iGods.dEXT
France iGods.ESPION
Spain iGods.WeZoR
Germany iGods.psiquh
Germany iGods.junky

Italy retro- ×
Belgium retro|zolid
Switzerland retro|dEXT
France retro|ESPION
Spain retro|WeZoR
Germany retro|psiquh
Germany retro|junky

Germany one4one. ×
Germany one4one.ph6xy
Germany one4one.tuz0
Germany one4one.viol
Austria one4one.silent
Poland one4one.uf0l
Estonia one4one.EmeRica
Turkey one4one.FATiH
Germany one4one.junky

Europe ovs ×
Germany OVERDOSE ph6xy
Germany OVERDOSE tuz0
Germany OVERDOSE viol
Austria OVERDOSE silent
Poland OVERDOSE uf0l
Estonia OVERDOSE EmeRica
Germany OVERDOSE junky

United States of America u5* ×
United States of America u5*ser8!@n
Germany u5*viol
Germany u5*tuz0
Belgium u5*Snake
Europe u5*Forgot
Germany u5*junky

United Kingdom uQ- ×
France team-uQ [Nirv]
France team-uQ [mirageji]
France team-uQ [okko]
Sweden team-uQ [Pesh]
Europe team-uQ [randompeshfriend]
Germany team-uQ [junky]

Finland DSky. ×
Czech Republic DSky.Bozar
Czech Republic DSky.REDNOSS
Austria DSky.potter
Portugal DSky.kMt
Portugal DSky.Koto
Germany DSky.junky

Germany #ob. ×
Germany #ob.violy
Austria #ob.silenty
Germany #ob.junky

Former (i dont remember the lineups)
Sweden bh. × bh Style
Sweden o8. × noll8
Sweden Ins. × Insecure
Europe aGu × advanced Gamers united