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"i wasted my life by playing PC games but fortunately i have another 2 lifes" :) so keep it real kids

Clan History:
Czech Republic CreP (nick:smolda)
Czech Republic euthanasia
Anonymous Real life
Czech Republic Death Watch (nick:Normally newbie)
Anonymous Real life again
Czech Republic NecroRaisers (nick:mnew) - LAN/OFFLINE ONLY
Czech Republic national team czech republic (xfire)
Czech Republic Universal Warriors
Anonymous Real life
Czech Republic eEriness/nEophyte/confis
Czech Republic national team czech republic (NationsCup XIII)
Europe the following day
Czech Republic exorcists
Czech Republic iabg
Czech Republic Alliancze team BLUE (c4p,darius,esti,pecka,mnew,crAsh,quish,tezaxo,sklamak,malfoy)
Europe craZe (Kenji,Ava,Symbol,Testi,mnewcko and MR.Wrath)

currently playing for::
image: 1yk66u

magus de pertica
magus de pertica 2
magus minimovie
flying hovnos trailer
flying hovnos the movie


CZSK Clans Cup (6on6) with uW
#4 czech 3on3 MH LAN tournament 10/2007
#2 czech 3on3 MH LAN tournament 07/2007
#7 czech 3on3 MH LAN tournament 05/2008
ClanBase Summer Cup 2009 with nEph
CZ/SK ALLSTARS 2009 with team SOUTH
most unpronounceable nick (by w0nd3r) xD
ESL summer cup 3on3 3rd div. 2010 with exorcists
ESL fall cup 5on5 2010 with exorcists
Euroskill cup 5on5 2011 with exorcists
CB 5on5 OC 3rd. division 2011 with exorcists
RcupSeries#3 3on3 2011 with czeshi (CYPIS/kulhajz, kimi, mnewcko)
6on6 ESL Winter League 2012 - 3rd div. with exorcists
6on6 #et.tourney 5th div. 2012 with iabg
CB 3on3 OC 5th. division 2012 with iabg
6on6 ESL spring 5th League 2012 with iabg
6on6 OpenCup Fall 2012 4th League with iabg
6on6 OpenCup spring 2013 2nd League with alliancze-exorcists
6on6 SummerCup 2013 4th League with alliancze-exorcists
6on6 CyberGamer EU ET 2014 2nd League with craZe