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I had an autograph from hste]image: 67282007 and baq] image: francisg

FinlandzaNc wrote his nickname in MarseilleLeFrancis' e-history by being my 8000th and 10,000th visitor

Shoutout to my buddylist especially my bestest portuguese gaming friendsPortugalBasty & Portugalpunkyy, my listeners and my bestest nerd friends from #follow.et

PolandRafek : I need to enjoy my config because i have some shits there.
<rafek> In Poland, our main language is polish.

Poland rafek on 16/04/12, 22:01:10 PM | Report | Reply
get a coke from a local shop

<Matan> Bonsoir madame de dijon
<Matan> Ja m'apelle Matan Chiraques. Je suis le Cream de le Dijon de le Cream
<Matan> Merci, Au revoir mon ami.

<@saatana`> also dalai lama once went mad with francis

[14:53] <@Wny> LeFrancis
[14:53] <@Wny> cant play at monday
[14:54] <@LeFrancis> ahahahahah
[14:54] <@LeFrancis> Wny:
[14:54] <@LeFrancis> Reason :
[14:54] <@LeFrancis> gf
[14:54] <@LeFrancis> :XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[14:54] <@LeFrancis> am i right?
[14:54] <@Wny> no reason Be vs FIN
[14:54] <@Wny> gf comes second

[15:46] * JarZa hugs Q
[15:46] <@JarZa> dont care about what they talk about you
[15:46] <@JarZa> im always here for you
[15:46] <@Wny> gay stuff
[15:47] <@Wny> showing love to a bot is botphilia

Successfull troll

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MarseilleColonel LeFrancis - Retired Professional Hardcore Addicted Gayming Leader of Europe#follow.et eSport Club since 2008 - Best driver, also known as Usain Bolt - Shoutcaster of Enemy Territory in 2009-2010-2011. 8th journal poster of the year

Caelesti cup (6vs6) [28/03/2009] with BMG.ego (after e-drama)
Coldfire Vengeance Cup (6v6) [20/02/2009] with presshot
/ Liga4fun (3vs3) [08/2011]with follow.et
[4th]ESL Summer League [09/2011] with follow.et
Et tourney II (6vs6) [08/08/2012] with follow.et
ESL 3vs3 Summer League [09/2012] with follow.et
CB 3vs3 Summercup [08/2012] with follow.et
SummerCup 6vs6 [08/2012] with affaires sérieuses
Cybergamer 6v6 season 1 [05/2014] with follow.et
1 summer 2 teams 4 cups => 4 medals - Impossible is nothing for MarseilleColonel LeFrancis