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about me:

Name x André "RAMOZ" B.

Age x 20

from x Germany

class x Engr(Rifle/SMG), Fop, Medic


Current Team:


Mysterious Monkeys (6on6)

x Germany RAMOZ (c)
x Germany sPECULA
x Germany sTOWNAGE
x Germany TimeN
x Austria DrLagAlot
x Turkey FiREBALL
x Germany KRESTi


ex Teams:

¬ Germany

xGermany ramozii
xGermany stray
xGermany mental
xGermany phazor
xGermany kiwi
xGermany kevji

¬ Germany wnbPRO [6on6]
¬ Germany

xGermany ramozii
xGermany OneSpot
xGermany TimeN
xGermany GhaNa
xGermany KnutBert

¬ Germany ACiD.eu [6on6]
¬ Germany

xGermany ramozii
xGermany TimeN
xGermany Knutbert
xGermany sLaz
xBelgium varit

¬ Europe zero.E
¬ Europe Invictus.et
¬ Germany noBrain.et
¬ Germany

xGermany ramozii
xGermany boNg
xGermany carlito
xGermany Phazor
xGermany mental

¬ Greece

xGermany ramozii
xGreece Playmate
xNetherlands Mott4

¬ Germany AoW - Reliably.et
¬ Germany

xGermany ramozii
xGermany laNgo
xGermany Specula
xBelgium Buzzer
xGermany caTcher

¬ Germany

xGermany ramozii
xGermany FimS
xGermany Ekto
xSwitzerland oLGaa
xNetherlands pds

¬ Germany

x Germany ramozji (c)
x Germany TimeN
x Germany ohzor4
x Germany flR
x Germany Fendah
x Germany seNti
x Germany mztic

¬ Germany

x Germany RAMOZii (c)
x Germany Fendah
x Germany ohzor4
x Belgium eden
x Germany znArk
x Denmark xcon
x Germany nAbio

¬ Germany

x Germany RAMOZii (c)
x Germany Fendah
x Austria DrLagAlot
x Belgium eden
x Belgium siL
x Iceland jezt0r


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(22:28:07) (Sinnu) Well played bud
(22:28:10) (Sinnu) loads of clips!

After casting our Match mMonkeys vs <FuS>



() won 2on2 vs Gifty & Winghaven with Techniker :)


played ClanBase ET EuroCup XXVIII with mMonkeys v.3 (6on6)

()CB OC Fall Premier League Group A with mMonkeys (6on6)
()CB Summercup Div.3 with mMonkeys (6on6)
() #et.tourney 2 Div.3 with mMonkeys (6on6)
() Clanbase Open Cup Spring Div.2 Group D with mMonkeys (6on6)
() #et.tourney Group 7 with wnbpro.et v.12 (6on6)
() ESL Summerseries 2nd Div. with mMonkeys (6on6)
() CB Summercup 7th Div. with mMonkeys (3on3)
() #et.tourney 4th Div. with mMonkeys (6on6)
() Clanbase Open Cup Spring Div.2 with mMonkeys (6on6)
(4th) ESL 1on1 Spring Series 2012 #2 as rAMOZje (1on1)

() Clanbase Open Cup Spring '11 Div.3 Group A with S'AGAPO (3on3)
() ECC VI League 4 with 9th wnbpro (5on5)
() Clanbase Open Cup Spring '11 Premier League Group B with gods.inc (5on5)

() Liga4Fun German Championships 2010 with ACiD.eu (6on6)
() Clanbase Open Cup Spring '10 Div.4 with Die5Lustigen4.et (2on2)
() ESL ET League Fall '10 cup #3 with wnbpro.et (2on2)
() ECC V 3rd League with wnbpro.et (3on3)
() ECC V Playoffs with wnbpro.et (3on3)

() Liga4Fun 2009 Group 3 with wnbPRO

Random OneDayCups:[/i][/u]

() One Day Cup - epic maps are epic #vital-gaming with vital-gaming (5on5)
() Ximenia 3on3 Cup with PrisonBreak (TimeN, OneSpot, RAMOZz)
() dTs 3on3 Cup sexy Guys (TimeN, fendah, RAMOZ)
() #ET-Cup.com with wnbpro.et
() 6on6 CB Ladder with wnbpro.et :D
() 2on2 Splendid-Gaming Cup #6 with Specula


12th-16th SAGE LAN with wnbproLAN (5on5)
9th Adroits ET Masters with Mysterious Monkeys (6on6)
Storage500 GB
Operating SystemWINDOWS 7
ConnectionDSL 6000