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image: cup_gold Kicked by overload after one round on sd :(
image: cup_goldPlayed at AEF
image: cup_goldLost every maps at AEF
image: cup_silver2nd Fall Open cup 2011 Premier league - lost soldiers
image: cup_silver1st division on the ESL wintercup.

Quote[20:41] <bF`Gifted> Buzzer` lanowner :P
[20:42] <Buzzer`> thanks dude (raged u on radar):D i didnt congratulate u but well played against ovr
[20:42] <bF`Gifted> thx
[20:42] <bF`Gifted> ye you aimed rly good :)
[20:43] <Buzzer`> hehe i can bet that u didnt expect that at all :p
[20:43] <bF`Gifted> yup i did not

Quote[21:29] <snip0> imagine how much fun i've had while skiing in austria h3h3
[21:29] <Buzzer`cless> too bad, u can only touch with ur eyes
[21:29] <Buzzer`cless> :D
[21:30] <snip0> could've used my thing as a ski pole

Quote[00:00] <lost`Buzzer> I had the same reaction when I saw my parents making love.
[00:00] <snip0> :DDDDDDDD
[00:00] <snip0> wait
[00:00] <snip0> what
[00:00] <snip0> for real?
[00:00] <lost`Buzzer> That i saw them ?
[00:00] <lost`Buzzer> :p
[00:00] <snip0> yea
[00:01] <lost`Buzzer> Yup, they thought they were alone and I came back a bit earlier than expected
[00:01] <lost`Buzzer> it doesnt match together!
[00:01] <snip0> oh dear
[00:01] <lost`Buzzer> :D
[00:02] <lost`Buzzer> Worst moment of my life.
[00:02] <snip0> i'm glad you've added that "back" btw
[00:02] <snip0> might have read awkward otherwise
[00:02] <lost`Buzzer> XDDD
[00:02] <snip0> :DD

image: cup_silver A belgian Lost soldiers